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We found 2 things to do in Penang

Penang Half Day Village Tours - Private Tour

You will never visit and get to know Penang without visiting Balik Pulau. Balik Pulau is a combination of the modern and tradditional values. You will see high buildings, high roads, western fas food restaurants…

Duration: 5 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Penang Half Day Cycling Tours - Private Tour

Leaving from the fast paced lives of cities, you can enjoy the peace, low

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

About Penang

Located at the intersection of Asia’s great kingdoms and and Europe's powerful colonial empires, the island of Penang has long served as the link between Asia’s two halves and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

This history has resulted in a culture that is one of Malaysia’s most diverse, cosmopolitan and exciting. The culmination of this is undoubtedly George Town, Penang's main city, and an urban centre that delivers the old-world Asia in spades; think trishaws pedalling past watermarked Chinese shophouses, blue joss smoke perfuming the air.

Yet it would be a shame to neglect Penang's abundant tropicalness, its palm-fringed beaches and fishing villages; its mountainous jungle and farms growing exotic produce such as nutmeg and durian.

If there's a more compact, convenient and exciting microcosm of the exotic east than Penang, we've yet to find it.