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We found 31 things to do in Hue

Hue Tasty Trip

Hue city is a beautiful and peaceful city in the central of Vietnam. It is the old capital under the last dynasty of Vietnam – Nguyen Dynasty. The best way to explore its culture is through its unique cuisine with lots of typical local dishes. To experience…

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Hue History Explored Tour

Hue is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities of Vietnam, where The Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) had urbanized and built in systematic, philosophical and abundantly artistic ways. Every year, Hue attracts a lot of tourist coming all over the world.…

Duration: 9 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Cycling To Thuy Bieu Eco-Village

Locate on the bank of Perfumes River, Thuy Bieu Village has cool fresh air. This is a special village that still maintains many fruit gardens, garden houses and temples. Leaving the noise of the urban life behind, you will have an unforgettable experience…

Duration: 6 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Riding To Explore Hue Flavor

Hue street food is not fussy, only made from simple ingredients but still very interesting and brings characteristic flavors of Hue which is bold and spicy. The reason why Hue food is spicier than the Northern food and saltier than the Southern food…

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Dinner Cruise On Perfume River - Private Tour

Taking a dragon boat and cruising along Perfume River is one of the activities you must try when coming to Hue city. This tour brings you a great opportunity to enjoy Hue traditional local foods and admire the outstanding view of sunset on the river.

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Bach Ma National Park Discovering Tour

Bach Ma is one of the places where biodiversity is preserved and respected. It is situated within the area of Phu Loc and Nam Dong districts, Hue, about 60km to the south of Hue city (and about 680km from Hanoi capital), Da Nang (65 km) and also Hoi…

Duration: 11 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Hue City Cyclo Tour

Cyclo is a traditional vehicle that is popular in Vietnam. Let’s enjoy the beauty of Hue city in a completely different way!

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Dark Cave Adventure

This tour provides an opportunity to discover Dark cave, which was discovered in 1990 with length of 5,258m, by zip-line and enjoy the natural landscapes nearby. You will get exciting experience when swimming across Thuy Tien Lake in cool waters of around…

Duration: 12 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Hue Royal Tombs Half Day Tour

It just takes you a half day to join with us traveling around Hue city and visit two famous Royal Tombs of Nguyen Emperors – the representatives of old architecture for noble class in Fedeuralism and Nam Giao Esplanade, which reflects a feature of…

Duration: 6 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Hue City Tour Full Day

One day and we will take you to various highlight that make up the beauty of our old capital – Hue city. You will go to visit royal tombs of Nguyen Dynasty, pagodas, the busiest markets and bridges. You also have chance to cruise along romantic Perfume…

Duration: 9 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

About Hue

Hue - the ancient capital of Vietnam, is a green city with many trees covering so atmosphere there is so peaceful. At first, it seems to be tranquil but no less bustling, crowded. The city has still preserved many king tombs, temples and many gardeners for hundred years.

The trip to Hue is famous not only for being the focus of the palaces of the kings' tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty, which has temples, churches made characteristics of this city. The first feeling overwhelming you on the first step are peace, gentleness, niceness of natural surroundings even of a voice echoed elsewhere when downstream the Perfume river. Or sometimes hear the bells from Thien Mu pagoda on the riverside. You should take boat to make a tour on the river to discover that lifestyle and capture beautiful landscapes. 

This old capital is the best selection for ones need far away from the crowd to comfort the moods. Besides, to Hue, tourists can enjoy many delicious dishes with unique style as Hue noodle, banh bot loc, nem lui, banh beo, banh ram.... Their special flavours will not dissatisfy you to taste one time.

Top things to do in Hue

Referring to Hue City people usually think of the palaces, ancient temples and attractions, tourists should not miss this beautiful and poetic destination when visiting Vietnam as you will fall in love right away with the architecture as well as the slowly life style of local people here.

Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel located within Hue City is the first place you should visit when traveling to this beautiful city. After more than 100 years, the massive structures of the Citadel only remains less than half of the original figure but still carrying the majesty of a feudal court. The Imperial Citadel is quite large; therefore you should spend at least 1 day to explore, you will have more knowledge about the history of Vietnam when visiting this attraction and of course admire the beauty architecture of the era of Vietnam from a very long time.

Kings Tomb

Hue used to be the capital for more than a century; therefore so many kings of Nguyen Dynasty were built private mausoleums. Most of the tombs were built along the bank of Perfume River and quite far from each other and the city center; tombs of Nguyen Dynasty are diverse of architecture, partly reflecting the ideas, views, beauty, personality, tastes of each Nguyen kings. Nguyen Dynasty have 13 kings, but for reasons of political and economy, only 7 mausoleum were built, namely: Gia Long Tomb; Minh Mang Tomb; Thieu Tri Tomb; Tu Duc Tomb; Dong Khanh Tomb; Duc Duc Tomb and Khai Dinh Tomb…

Tam Giang Lagoon

Famous as the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia. Tam Giang Lagoon is located along the beautiful and peaceful villages where is the meeting place of three big rivers, including O Lau, Huong and Bo rivers. Come to the rustic place, you will have chances to experience the simple real life of countryside and learn the exciting farming, fishing activities of the local people.

Perfume River

Coming to Hue Citadel, guests can enjoy the night experience on a boat, watching beautiful sightseeing of Perfume River, enjoying local dishes and listen to the sweet voice of singers. Hue music is a genre of traditional music in Vietnam. Hue City appears alive with the colors from the riverbank and vibrant in decorative lights. By the middle of the river, the boat shutdown to return to the quiet atmosphere here and the music program is started.

Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill situated far from Hue City Center about 7km. From the Vong Canh Hill, you can see beautiful scenery of Hue City especially Kings Nguyen Tombs, ancient temple, fruit garden and romantic Perfume River. If you have a chance to visit this place at the dawn or at twilight, the sightseeing will make you speechless with poetic beauty of Hue’s river or hills, a corner of Hue heaven.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Located on Ha Khe Hill, beside the Perfume River and about 5km from the center of Hue, the temple and the surrounding space look just like a contemplative painting charming enough to moving anyone come here to visit. With beautiful scenery around, Thien Mu Pagoda will be a great place for you to find a sense of peace of mind.

Lang Co Beach

Not only have sea but Lang Co also has many majestic mountains and the beautiful lagoon. Fishing, trawling in Lang Co Bay is pleasures that attracted many people. You can lie comfortable on the white sands and daydreaming, watching kite flying along the clear blue sky. Lang Co is a destination for sea lovers after visiting familiar Tombs and attractions; you can take your time to discover interesting things of Lang Co Bay area.

Best time to visit Hue

You should consider your most suitable time to travel to Hue because of the severe weather unlike other destinations of Vietnam:
- From March to August: this is the dry season in Hue City with the hot muggy temperatures sometimes up to 35-40 degrees Celsius.
- From August to January: this is the best time to visiting Hue Ancient Citadel, but you should be careful when visiting Hue from October to December because this is winter season so the temperature may drop until 9 degree C and this is also the rainy season.
- In January, February is the spring season, the weather is not very hot but kinda humid but you will have a chance to explore National Lunar New Year when traveling at this time of the year.

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