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We found 22 things to do in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Walking And Discover Saigons Food Culture - Private Tour

Unlike other tours, this tour will take you discover Sai gon on foot. You will temporily forget automatic transportation as scooters, cars… to walk with us and then you will be much more healthy after this. This tour will give you a great opportunity…

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Discover Mekong Delta - My Tho By Speedboat

What is more interesting than exploring Mekong delta on a luxury speedboat? Enjoy peaceful and tranquil atmosphere when rowing through small canals. Pay a visit to Coconut candy factory and bee farm and also try local Vietnamese specialties.

Duration: 8 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Saigon Nightlife At A Glance - Private Tour

Discover the bustling Ho Chi Minh City at night on a scooter to taste variety of foods and discover local life with our guides. See different districts and hidden corners of Saigon.

Duration: 3 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Discover Floating Temple And Traditional Village By Speedboat

Visit one of the most spiritual temples in Ho Chi Minh City - Phu Chau floating Temple. Not only famous for its sacredness, the temple is also well known for its beautiful architecture. Discover the tranquility of Binh Quoi Village and cruise to Saigon…

Duration: 2 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Half Day To Become Saigon People

For half day, you will have opportunities to become a local Chef. Many unique ingredients and menu are chosen by our Chef who has much experience in Traditional Vietnamese cooking. Cooking class is chance for customers to hand on cooking together with…

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

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Ho Chi Minh City And Cu Chi Tunnels Excursion

This tour is combination of discovering modern city – Saigon and learning about Vietnam’s history. You will be taken to the highlights of Saigon and then visit Cu Chi tunnels underground and discover its uniqueness.

Duration: 10 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Travel By Speedboat To Cu Chi Tunnels

Don’t miss this wonder full opportunity to discover Cu Chi Tunnels on our luxury speedboat. Not only gain general knowledge of life during wartime but also enjoy traditional Vietnamese lunch in a local village.

Duration: 6 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Saigon City Tour - Half Day

One day can be short to learn about a grandiose city like Saigon but obviously enough to give you a concept of the history, culture, as well as the endless growth of the town. If your time is adequate, take this day as the beginning to enjoy the city.

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Half-Day Cu Chi Tunnels Excursion

The town of Cu Chi is a district of greater HCMC and has a population of about 200, 000 (it had about 80, 000 residents during the American War). At first glance there is little evidence here to indicate the intense fighting, bombing and destruction…

Duration: 4 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

Saigon Foodie Evening Tour - By Scooter - Private Tour

Considered as the economic center of Vietnam, people across the country have been moving to Saigon for countless reasons, consequently enriching and diversifying its culture & cuisine. With our tour, you will have a chance to experience some of Saigon's…

Duration: 3 Hours

Languages: English

(per person)

About Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is not only the largest city but also together with Hanoi, are two most developed cities in Vietnam. It has witnessed historical events, which set a milestone for the independence and the outstanding development of this country.

Nowadays, Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling urban area with commercial centers, shops restaurants, bars, crowd streets ... with various service. It can satisfy all visitors.

The beauty of Ho Chi Minh City is a combination of tradition and modernity, among the buildings in the city always do the presence of ancient architecture of the 20th century exist as Saigon Center Post Office, Saigon Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independent Palace, Ben Thanh market ... - the symbols of the city. Especially, the bright lights of this sleepless city will appeal you to walk on the streets and explore the nightlife of the local people.

Top things to do in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon has so many places and attractions that you must visit and many things to do like tasting all delicious food, interact with friendly local people ... It has always been the destination for domestic tourists and international visitors.

Saigon Central Post Office

This is a famous architectural works built in Ho Chi Minh City featuring French architecture with more than 120 years old (1886-1891). Saigon Central Post Office is the pride of the people in the city. Coming here, tourists not only admire the unique architecture of the post office but also immersed in the ancient world, from the letter box drop to the call counters. In front of the Saigon Notre Dame Basilica, looking from side to side is the modern high-rise buildings; therefore, this harmonious combination brings both ancient beauties and breath of modern life.

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Located in the heart of Saigon, the church is a landmark in the urban space, with beautiful views from all sides. The architecture of the church has made great lighting effects in the interior, giving a sense of calm, holy and solemn. We can say, Notre Dame is a perfect work of architecture, is a typical work emblematic of Saigon. Not only fascinate visitors from far away, Notre Dame with beauty brings majesty but close, and simple carpentry which became famous location for photographing and artwork.

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is considered the symbol of the city tourism. The market was built in a square with four doors opened east, west, south, north. Discovering Ben Thanh Market, visitors can shop for their favorite items or enjoy delicious food in the food court. Especially when the night comes, Ben Thanh night market attracts hundreds of visitors to shop and enjoy a delicious dish from early evening until late.

Independence Palace (Reunification Palace)

Independence Palace, also known as Reunification Palace, located at the heart of the city. It was the workplace of the President of the South of Vietnam during the Vietnam war. This place has many different names over time as: Norodom, Independence Palace and today is “Reunification Hall”. This is not only a unique architecture but also a venue for many important historical events of the city in particular and the country in general.

War Remnants Museum

Tourists come here will feel the most authentic of the fierce war period. The objects such as aircraft, artillery, tanks, and guillotine are built with right size just like in Con Dao prison. There is also a gallery exhibits the southwest border war, a war to protect the northern border, the issue of the Spratly Islands and the plot of the hostile forces ...

Saigon Opera House

Located at street Le Loi - Dong Khoi, City Opera House is another tourist attractions that can hardly missed in Saigon. Built more than a century ago, but the theater retains characteristics of Western architecture. Theatre is not only a venue for musical events, but it is also the venue for the major activities of the city like art and social activities.

Cu Chi Tunnels

This is where the miniature battles transformation of the army and people of Cu Chi in the fierce struggle for 30 years. Cu Chi Tunnels is admired by the building deep in the ground; there are many stories, many corners with accommodation, meeting and fighting with a total length of 200 km.

Best time to visit Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City has tropical climate, the weather in here divided into two seasons which are rainy seasons and dry seasons. The rainy season lasts from about June to November with the rains suddenly, without notice, when the sun was shining but suddenly pouring rain. However, the rains in Saigon often not lasting long. So, for 12 months, Saigon always suitable to travelers choosing the city as the destination for their vacation.

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