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We have brought so many opportunities for our beloved customers to experience FREE tours with our Gcoin program.
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What is Gcoin?

Gcoin is our digital money system. We give our customers Gcoin as a sincere gratitude for their trust on our services. 1 Gcoin is equivalent to 1 cent, meaning that with 100Gcoin, you get US$1!

How to get Gcoin fast?

As soon as you finish booking and making payment successfully on, you will get a number of coins equivalent to your payment (1 Gcoin for USD$1).

Want to earn much faster?

Get 10 Gcoin after writing 1 review on

Please note that this is only applicable for tours you’ve already booked and experienced.

How to convert Gcoin into US$?

By exchanging Gcoin for voucher. For every minimum of 500 Gcoins, you get 1 voucher valued US$5.