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The budget-friendly Philippines attract visitors from throughout Asia and across the globe with its beautiful beaches and friendly, laid-back culture. Though some beaches, such ...


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The hills looks like the perfect cone of chocolate hills. You will have interesting and unforgettable experiences while stay in Bohol - a beautiful island located in Southeast of the Philippines.

If you're curious how the world's smallest primate is , let’s watch it in Bohol. Scientists have named them as Tarsier, only 8 to 16 cm in height. The monkey is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand

Additionally, guests can have a trip to watch dolphins at dawn off Panglao, you just go over a bridge to be able to see dolphins swimming around.

From this destination, visitors can rent a boat to the small island’s…

Half-day SUP tour on LoBoc river - Private Tour

Price from $50.00

LoBoc river discovery SUP tour for 1 hour

Price from $22.00

Full-day SUP tour in Bohol - Private Tour

Price from $65.00

Firefly or fullmoon SUP tour

Price from $26.00

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Busuanga Island

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Busuanga Island is primarily known as a destination for dive activities, where two Japanese war wreck of World War II was sunk by the US Navy in the Gulf of Coron, a natural anchorage near the center of town Coron, on 24 January 1944. Basuanga Island and Coron are usually combined to make a tour of. And exporation of islands in the Philippines get started. 

Experiece moderate mountain bike day trip with 4x4 support

Price from $82.00

Calauit Wildlife day safari - Private Tour

Price from $82.00

Dugong spotting and sea kayaking day trip from Camp Calauit - Private Tour

Price from $82.00

Hike - bike enjoyment and raising dreams of a school - Private Tour

Price from $123.00

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Cebu Island is not only the second largest island of the Philippines but also is known as the "Queen of the South". Here is an ideal tourist destination and most amazing of the Philippines.

This island is one of the places in the Philippines you can take time to join in activities combining wildlife and modern city, the mountain and the beach.

Cebu is known for white sandy beaches, blue water, rustling sea waves and coconut trees. The beach here is the crown of jewel of the city dubbed the "Queen of the South".

Cebu is the place of resorts, beach resorts with first-class professional services to satisfy anyone even…

Cebu city private tour

Price from $29.00

Experience Mactan Island - Private tour

Price from $24.00

An authentic Cebu - Eat Pray and Love

Price from $67.00

Circuit of Cebu City and the Island of Mactan - Couch tour

Price from $46.00

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Coron Island

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Limestone Coron Island of the Philippines brings fresh colours of the sky, the ground and  blue sea, which makes up a love song melodic captivating every traveler call on.

The Island is specially constructed with the shape like a wedge, the coastal area around is covered a green color of mangrove forests (a plant living in the area of ​​coastal mangroves). The Island includes 7 pools, including Kayangan Lake of cleanest waters in the Philippines.

Coron is an island located in the North of Palawan, far from El Nido 8-hour-by-train travelling. Coron is known for shipwrecks of Japan and China and the…

Calamian full day Kayak and snorkel sea safari - Private Tour

Price from $109.00

Coron Snorkel and Kayak Day Tour - Private Tour

Price from $53.00

Conquering Dalara mount for soaking in hot springs - Private Tour

Price from $41.00

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Manila is a city located in the east coast of Manila Bay on Luzon. Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and is also the centre of economy, culture and politics of the country. Today, Manila is still the cradle of culture, politics and the economy constantly most advanced Philippines and more.

Although it’s ranked in high-class urbanization, Manila has not lost its hidden beauty. Beside the shopping area, the modern and bustling Manila remains a wild ancient features, which attracts a majority of tourists every year.

The island city is a famous for the history and culture Manila countless churches hundreds of years…

Once in a lifetime Subic Forest Adventure - Full day tour

Price from $90.00

Amazing Cultural Show and Dinner at Manila Bay

Price from $55.00

Mt Pinatubo Adventure

Price from $168.00

Taal Heritage Township - Full day tour

Price from $115.00

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