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Cambodia is a beautiful country in the Southeast Asia. It is worth visiting for the enigmatic beauty, breathtaking temples, fertile plans dotted with the green rice fields,...


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Battambang of Cambodia is often ignored by many tourists, this is quite understandable since it does not have the beautiful beaches, nor the capital city, and particularly no majestic Angkor temples as well. But in reality, the 2nd largest city of Cambodia is a place of bustling, friendly and many interesting things to discover.

The best natural foods of Cambodia are mostly present in Battambang. Walking around the streets of Battambang, visitors easily find for themselves cheap local restaurants, quiet cafes of interest, or the restaurant of Western cuisine.

Besides, the surrounding countryside is perfect for Battambang visitors…

French Architectures in Battambang - 3D2N

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Bamboo train experience - Private Tour

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Banan temple visit - Private Tour

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Free soul with bike on trails - Half-Day Tour

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Kampot is the capital of Kampot province to the South of Cambodia. This is a peaceful riverside town far a few kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand. The town has well-known for specialty pepper, widely consumed in Cambodia. Favorable climate, fertile soil with long experience of growers have created a unique seed and indispensable flavour of gourmets around the world.

Together with Battambang, Kampot is considered as "fruit kingdom" of Cambodia. Title that is from the main market of the town Samaki. Kampot, with mountains of fruits are…

Kampot insight by motor

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Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh is the largest city in Central of Cambodia and is the capital of politics, culture and commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is one of the most important destinations of tourism in Cambodia. Phnom Penh today bustles with modern facilities, expensive cars or sometimes  with motorbikes and pedicabs on crowd streets. The local people always have warm smiles to welcome foreign visitors to their historic city. To Phnom Penh, there are some landmarks and famous monuments not to be missed:

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh with two Silver Pagoda and Luc Bao Buddhist Temple is one of the…

Culture Discovery in Phnom Penh

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Combination of culture and history - Full Day tour

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Phnom Penh Insight - Half Day Tour - Min 2 pax

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Biking to Phnom Udong - Fullday tour - Private Tour

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Siem Reap

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Cambodia is famous for the ancient temples for which the most typical destination is Siem Reap. Siem Reap is the most famous city to tourists for the trip to this country. Siem Reap annually welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world to come, the Angkor complex is also a symbol of the Khmer empire. About 7km far from Siem Reap, it was built in the tenth century to the beginning of the thirteenth century. This used to be the cultural center of the mighty Khmer empire. Angkor Wat has been UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1992. With hundreds of temples, Angkor is considered as the world's top wonders…

Siem Reap Blessing Ceremony - Private tour

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Siem Reap Discovery - 4D3N

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Siem Reap Insight - Bicycle tour

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Siem Reap countryside on Tuk Tuk - Private Tour

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