Where to go in mid-autumn festival in Hanoi

Where to go in mid-autumn festival in Hanoi

Mid-autumn festival 2018 has finally come. Today is September 24th (15th August according to Lunar Calendar) and is the main day of mid-autumn festival in Vietnam. From the early morning, when wandering around many streets of a Hanoi One Day Tour, you can see the hustling and bustling of locals preparing for one of the most important festivals in the year – mid-autumn festival. Mid-autumn festival is a valuable chance for family union. So where should your family visit during this festival? Check out the top 3 most-searching places to enjoy the night of mid-autumn festival in Hanoi.

               1. The colorful Hang Ma Street:

mid-autumn festival in Hanoi
Colorful toy shops at Hang Ma Street

The very first place to go in mid-autumn festival in Hanoi is Hang Ma Street. This small and winding street is well-known for selling worshiping items for many years. When mid-autumn comes, the street is getting more and more attractive with various toys for kids, ornaments for decoration and more interestingly, Hang Ma looks much more gorgeous with many long arrays of red lanterns like calling for huge attention from visitors. Thanks to that, Hang Ma Street always draws a number of visitors gathering there and enjoy the true experience of mid-autumn while wallowing into the unique atmosphere it brings.

mid-autumn festival in Hanoi

Notice that, if you shouldn’t take your kids to go further into the street because there are many people flocking to the street too. You’d better come there early and go around the street then head to Hoan Kiem Lake to enjoy the fresher atmosphere and its famous Trang Tien ice cream, which is also appears in a Hanoi Food Tour.

              2. Thang Long Imperial Citadel:

mid-autumn in Hanoi
Mid-autumn festival in Thang Long Imperial Citadel

Thang Long Imperial Citadel has been a popular destination hosting various cultural events in general and mid-autumn festival in Hanoi in particular. In the series of a variety of activities organized before and during the mid-autumn festival, the closing ceremony will be held tonight at the citadel.

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mid-autumn festival in Hanoi
Doan Mon Gate

The time for this closing event is from 19:00 – 21:30 including the most longing activity: eating mid-autumn festival specialties. The activity will be held at Doan Mon Gate.

So you are highly recommended to head to the place early to get a good seat. You should consider taking a taxi instead of coming there by your own vehicles.

Have you tried specialty of Autumn in Hanoi? It’s young sticky rice.

               3. The jubilant AEON Mall Long Bien:

mid-autumn festival in Hanoi
Decoration for Mid-autumn festival in AEON Mall

The final place to enjoy mid-autumn festival in Hanoi is AEON Mall Long Bien. Well-known as one of the most worth-visiting places in mid-autumn festival this year, heading to AEON Mall Long Bien tonight to enjoy the mid-autumn festival is totally a right choice. If you miss the chance to join other interesting recreational activities held there from the early September, then tonight is the last chance for you to spend a meaningful night with your beloved family.

Located in Long Bien District, about 5 km from the city center, AEON Mall Long Bien provides a spacious and ideal place for organizing various recreational activities. So what can you take part in when heading to the mall tonight? You can admire Lion Dance by many skillful artists, then participate in “to he” making activity, watch plenty of music performances.

Remember that those places will get very crowded tonight. Thus, you should arrange your time and come there early to have a great seat. Wish all of you have a wonderful mid-autumn festival in Hanoi with your beloved family and friends.


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