What’s places to visit in Hanoi in Autumn?

The beauty of autumn in Hanoi has long been in Vietnamese poetry. Hanoi these days is very beautiful. Not only the beauty of a bustling modern city but also wearing a poetic and ancient shirt. Autumn, Hanoi makes people fascinated by its strange beauty in every corner of the old town. On the streets covered with yellow leaves. In the chilly breeze making the air cool or on the banks. lake ripple. Autumn in Hanoi is like a kind of ‘specialty’ that is nowhere to be found. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi in fall, do not forget to ‘taste’ this kind of ‘specialty’ at these best places to visit in Hanoi!

1. Hanoi Old Quarter – First priority of places to visit in Hanoi in Autumn.

Places to visit in Hanoi
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Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the famous historical landmarks of places to visit in Hanoi. It is winding and crowded with a lot of classical architecture, the street vendors stir by the endless calls.

Walking to explore this Old Quarter maze is a true pleasure for visitors. Most neighborhoods connected with each other. Previously, houses in Hanoi Old Quarter were built in a tubular shape, 1-2 stories high, with wooden attic. Today, Old Quarter has more buildings but still has a limited height.

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2. Hanoi Sword Lake (Hồ Gươm).

Places to visit in Hanoi
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Referring to Hanoi is referring to Sword Lake – the green heart of a thousand years civilized capital. In Autumn, the rows of green sesame buds and willow trees glaze in the fog like enveloping Sword Lake dreaming. The gentle autumn scene made Hanoi into poetry, singing, music, and painting captivating people.

Sword Lake is also a place to hang out of Hanoi locals and a frequent dating place of couples. In the early mornings, it is not uncommon to see the images of old people practicing nourishment. Or jogging around the lake when thin mist still spreads on the leaves.

Choose an empty bench around the lake. Watch the calm lake water. Then, escape from the bustle of the city to find your soul much more calm and peaceful.

3. West Lake – Biggest Lake of places to visit in Hanoi.

Places to visit in Hanoi
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West Lake is one of the largest lakes of Hanoi, always has a peaceful atmosphere. A 16 km Hanoi Day tour around the West Lake will bring you many interesting discoveries about nature, people, and Hanoi cuisine. The lakeside streets are quite cool, quiet, popular with cyclists like Thanh Nien road, lakeside roads, Korean wharves, Japanese wharves …

4. Hanoi Ancient Citadel.

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Hanoi Ancient Citadel is a relic complex associated with the history of Thang Long capital city. This is a huge architectural work. Built by the kings in many historical periods and became the most important monument in the system of Vietnamese monuments. Now only the main gate is located at Bac Mon, Hau Lau floor, Kinh Thien Palace, Doan Mon, but also Cot Co gates. Hanoi Citadel has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

Autumn in the Ancient Citadel brings a mysterious and peaceful beauty. Walking on the brick road full of falling yellow leaves, sniffing the fresh air, you will love Hanoi much more.

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5. Hanoi Opera House.

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Hanoi Opera House is an architectural work started by the French in 1901 and completed in 1911 with a French neoclassical look. It is considered a copy of the Garnier Opera House in Paris. Opera House works as a symbol of culture, history and architecture of Hanoi to this day.

The image of a girl in the Ao Dai taking photos of her yearbook and hugging daisies will definitely be the best scenes to fit into the camera. Sitting temporarily at a stone tea shop along the road, watching the busiest streets on the street, feeling the true autumn quality.


Hanoi with four seasons of the year, every season is beautiful and lyrical. But Hanoi autumn is the most poetic time. However, it must have a calm enough mind to feel completely. Come to Hanoi to admire best places to visit in Hanoi once more to love the lyrical land with the elegant people here!

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