What to do in Sapa in summer?

Summer time has finally come in Vietnam with the average temperature during the day going around 35-38 Celsius degrees. Locals are finding and thinking of many funny and creative ideas to avoid the heat. One of these ways is to flock to somewhere cooler than their usual residence place and spend some days there. Given this reason, many have chosen destinations in the northern part of Vietnam such as Sapa as an alluring and perfect place to stay away from the heat. Thus, What to do in Sapa in summer? Let us help you uncover the answer.

thac bac waterfall - what to do in sapa
Thac Bac Waterfall – Internet photo

Sapa at glance:

Sapa is located in Lao Cai Province (one of 6 provinces in the northwestern part of Vietnam) about 370 km from Hanoi Capital City. These northwestern provinces are characterized by mountainous landscape giving magnificent views of mountains, adventurous passes plus the enticing life of various ethnic groups. Standing on the height of about 1,600 m, Sapa possesses the comfortable and favourable weather all year round with the average temperature in summer fluctuating from 20-27 Celsius degrees during the daytime and 15-17 Celsius degrees at night. Backed with its spectacular natural scenery and exciting local life, Sapa always lies in the list of top places to visit in summer of both domestic and foreign visitors.

What to do in Sapa in summer?

1. Visiting Ham Rong Mountain, Thac Bac and Love waterfalls, Muong Hoa Valley, Heaven Gates:

If your primary purpose when visiting Sapa is to avoid the heat, then exploring its natural scenery when in here should be given the top priority among what to do in Sapa in summer.

cloudy sapa from ham rong mountain
Cloudy Sapa from Ham Rong Mountain – Internet photo

The Mother Nature seems to reward Sapa so generously with plenty of charming scenery and such favorable weather. Paying a visit to Ham Rong Mountain, Thac Bac Waterfall, Muong Hoa Valley gives you such a perfect retreat. When in here you can both enjoy the fresh air of a mountainous area, the cool weather and the natural beauties.

ham rong mountain - what to do in sapa in summer

Ham Rong Mountain – Internet photo

When in Ham Rong Mountain, you may feel being lost in a fairy-tale scene here with diverse kinds of flowers, the lush green trees along the walking way.

muong hoa valley - what to do in sapa in summer
Muong Hoa Valley – Internet photo

Muong Hoa Valley in June seems to be dyed in a fresh green of grass and of rice field terraces. You can also discover an ancient rocky ground with various shapes and designs.

thac bac (silver waterfall) - what to do in sapa in summer
Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall) – Internet photo

At this time, Silver Waterfall is in its most beautiful of the year, the white water flows are pouring down creating a pleasing sound and a wonderful scene. 

This Sapa tour from Hanoi to Cat Cat Village brings you such memorable experience.

2. Wandering in local fruit gardens:

The second idea for what to do in Sapa in summer is to spend a day in its beautiful garden. Summer is the harvest time of some typical tropical fruits like plum and peach. On the way to Sapa Town, you can easily find a lot of locals selling these fruits. How about visiting the local gardens and enjoying these fresh and tasty fruits?

plum garden - what to do in sapa in summer
Plum garden – Internet photo

More interestingly, it is you that collect and yes enjoy your products. These yummy fruits are a great choice what to buy in Sapa as gifts for those beloved ones at home.

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3. Cloud hunting in Fansipan Mountain:

With the clear blue sky on the rooftop of Indochina – Fansipan Mountain, your conquering mission would be smoother and more comfortable. You can receive the reward for your effort right on the way to the mountain top. You will admire the charming natural views and enjoy the fresh air. The biggest reward awaits you on the top. Thus, remember to add this exciting activity on your What to do in Sapa in summer.

fansipan mountain - what to do in sapa in summer
Fansipan Mountain – Internet photo

Standing on the highest place of Indochina gives you the splendid and fabulous views of Sapa Town, of striking mountainous scenes and of the glorious feeling. For those who prefer something less physical, you can choose to come to the mountain top by cable car. Sitting on the cable car you can freely take hundreds of stunning photoshoot.

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4. Spending your night at a tranquil Sapa café:

After a day full of discovering activities, it is time for you to take a rest and recharge your battery. Some placid moments help you reflect on your trip, find the peace in mind and to experience Sapa at a different mood. Refer to these suggestions for 6 tranquil café and head to your favorite one. For those who love something more vibrant, bars and clubs here may be the one you’re looking for.

5. Trekking to local villages:

Although you may visit Sapa in summer, don’t hesitate to trek to some local villages and discover the enticing local life here. The average temperature of around 20-27 Celsius degrees helps you a lot to fulfill your experience. Spending time communicating with locals or ask for joining them with some daily activities, having meals with them are some highlights you should never miss.

cat cat village - what to do in sapa in summer
Cat Cat Village – Internet photo

Sapa has its own beauties during the year bringing us the ample chance to explore the place every time. What are you going to do in your Sapa trip? Let’s share with us in the comment below. For instant support, you can contact us via our email or hotline number:

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Have a great trip then!

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