Sapa Nightlife – What to do in Sapa at night?

You may get busy during the daytime visiting and admiring plenty of spectacular landscape in the cloudy Sapa Town or immersing yourselves in such chilly and comfortable ambience of the highland area. But hold on, what to do for a Sapa nightlife? Have you got any idea yet? Sit back and keep on exploring in the next parts of this article.

Sapa nightlife
Sapa at night – Internet photo

What does it look like in a Sapa nightlife?

Sapa nightlife has a different color and pace of life compared with itself during the day. When the darkness starts to cover the atmosphere, it signals the time for family union, for gathering time with friends or simply it is the relaxation time of the day. You then can find a tranquil and peaceful Sapa with in its unhurried mood. The streets are brightened up with colorful lights from local stores, tourist hotels and its captivating local markets. You may raise a question here, how to become a part of Sapa nightlife?

1. Going camping and sharing from heaven to hell with friends:

The very first thing on what to do in Sapa at night is to take the advantage of its night tranquility – spending a night in a roofless spot and have from-dark-to-dawn conversations with friends.

Utopia Eco Logde – Internet photo

Vietnamese people often have a funny saying: “I stay in such a luxury-thousand-star hotel.” Do you get any idea from this? The underlined meaning may excite you. It means: “I stay in the opening air and watch thousands of stars in the sky at night.” Sound interesting right? Back to the first suggestion, this is highly suitable for groups of visitors in which the security is much more ensured, and your nighttime is utterly merrier.

One important thing you should notice if you wish to add this activity to your own Sapa tour is that you should research for the proper camping location, renting equipment, preparing food, some medicines to avoid mosquitoes and cold.

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2. Wandering around local night markets:

As a common saying, if you want to learn about the local way of life fast and conveniently, then head to its local markets is a good choice. Spending your nightlife wandering around popular local night markets to see how people conduct their way of life. For those who are seeking for some souvenirs, head to the ethnic night markets and choose your favourite items. Check out some addresses you can drop by:

Sapa night market – Internet photo

Sapa Night Market:

  • Opening hours: 16:00 – 22:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Address: Road No. 1, Sapa Town
Sapa Love Market – Video from Luu Ky

Sapa Love Market:

  • Opening hours: 21:30 on every Saturday
  • Location: the area in front of Sapa Stone Church

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3. Living it up a vibrant Sapa nightlife:

When talking about nightlife, many may think of somewhere dynamic and vibrant like bars, pubs or clubs where we can meet plenty of foreign friends, immerse ourselves into the space full of music or dance the night away. If such things attract you, then the suitable place for you to enjoy nightlife in Sapa is of course the social spots like bars or pubs. For those who still wish to head to somewhere social but less noisy and more private, then some coffee shops in Sapa could be a great option.

Sapa nightlife
H’Mong Sisters Bar – Internet photo

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4. Relaxing with Red Dao herbal bath:

Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities with their own fascinating cultural identities. One of their popular cultural features is to bathe with leaves or herbs of Red Dao people. This is not only a method of health care but also a factor that illustrates the cultural identities of ethnic minorities in general. Besides bathing activity, you can try out sauna or body massage service when in Sapa. These surely help bring you such relaxed and memorable moments. Here comes with some trusted addresses you can refer to:

Sapa nightlife
Dao’s Center – Internet photo

Dao’s Center:

  • Address: 26 Dong Loi, Sapa Town
  • Hotline: 0917 822 844

Hung Hong Red Dao herbal bath:

  • Address: No. 5 Xuan Vien, Sapa
  • Hotline: 096 431 90 39

Green’s Spa:

  • Address: Sapa Green Hotel, No. 1, Hoang Lien Street, Sapa Town
  • Hotline: 0977 205 023 / 02143 62 8888

5. Enjoying local specialties:

If you have a tight travel itinerary during the day and don’t have much time for eating, then don’t worry, nighttime is a perfect alternative for you.

Sapa nightlife
Thang co – Internet photo

Tips for Sapa nightlife – What to do?

The climate of Sapa is quite different from other regions in Vietnam, so you should pay a lot of attention when going out. Remember to prepare all kinds of necessary equipment such as thermal clothes, gloves, shoes, medicines for cold, fever and stomachache.

The wintertime in Sapa is from December – February in which you have a good chance to admire one of the exotic natural phenomena – snowing in a tropical country. However, Sapa’s weather at that time is extremely cold, even with snowfall. Thus, when going out at night, you should dress up warmly, wear slippery resistant shoes and don’t stay outside in a long time.

Sapa in winter – Internet photo

The rest months of the year, the weather is quite cool at night even slightly cold, so you still must be careful, do not wear thin clothes when going out to protect your health.

We hope that you have found out the answer to the question What to do in Sapa at night in this article. In order to better prepare for your trip, we recommend you to take a look at this checklist for Top things to do in Sapa 2019. Have a happy trip then!

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