Visiting Halong Bay (P2): What To Do In Halong Bay?

Visiting Halong Bay (Part 2): WHAT TO DO IN HALONG BAY?

Welcome you to part 2 of article Visiting Halong Bay. In the last post, we just had some point of views about the weather and the best time to pick a trip to Halong. So, in this article, we will continue to find out what we can do for an amazing vacation in Halong.


Halong Bay means “Bay of Descending Dragons”, features thousands of limestone monoliths rising from the water, natural stalactite caves, picturesque islands and unique fishing villages to explore. 

1.View Ha Long Bay from a seaplane.

You have a chance to experience an unique perspective on a landscape that’s been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. See some of the 1,600 islands and islets that are scattered across the Gulf of Tonkin, along with lagoons, beaches, and towering sea cliffs.

Jumping on a seaplane and flying over Ha Long Bay is one of the most thrilling and scenic activities you can do when visiting Halong Bay.


Visiting Halong Bay
View Halong Bay from a seaplane

2. Outdoor activities : Kayaking and Scuba diving

With crystal clear water and calm tides, Halong Bay is an ideal destination for paddling around from one limestone outcrop to the other, and sometimes even through caves. The most common areas for kayaking are part of 3 Peaches slets, Dark and Light Cave.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are recent additions to the activities you can do in Halong Bay. The scenes underwater are so beautiful and gorgeous. You can take a chance to dive in the spectacular bottom of the sea with many beautiful oceanic creatures.

Visiting Halong Bay

Visiting Halong Bay

3.Discover grottoes.

Are you interesting to see a cave that was basically in the middle of the sea? Hidden in the thousands of jungle -covered peaks of Ha Long Bay are picturesque grottoes and caves of all shapes and sizes.

Check out Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave), Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave) and Dau Go Cave. Inside the caves are abundant stalactites in many shapes created by Mother Nature. The first feeling of visitors is like “wow”, “oh my god” when they stepped in the cave. Those caves are extremely great creatures of nature.

Visiting Halong Bay
Surprising Cave
Visiting Halong Bay
Dau Go Cave

4.Explore the floating villages

Imagine living on a little house built on a boat. Someone who lives on a floating village cooks, washes, hangs out with friends, and even learns or works in this environment. Visiting these villages is a fascinating and humbling experience. Take your time visiting and trying to live one or more of the four main floating villages in Ha Long Bay: Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Cong Dam and Ba Hang.

Being in floating villages, you can have a chance to observe the aquaculture, catch fishes and crabs by yourself and taste the best seafood.

Visiting Halong Bay

Visiting Halong Bay

5.Stay on a cruise

It’s exciting to take a two- or three-day-long cruise on the water, travelling from one place to another. Sunbathing on the bench, drinking a cup of cocktail and reading some books, observing the beautiful view of the bay in front of you is an absolute must when visiting Halong Bay.

Picking the right trip is actually not as easy as it sounds. Choosing a bad one would mean a terrible experience and a huge waste of money. So you can take a look at some recommended cruises to consider to having a tour for your next holiday.

Visiting Halong Bay
Staying in a cruise on a sunny day

Thank you for your attention! And finally, don’t forget to bring medicine or maybe health insurance before heading to Halong Bay cruise to avoid unnecessary troubles that might ruin your holidays!

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