Visit Huong Pagoda Enjoy Water Lily Blooming

Visit Huong Pagoda Enjoy Water Lily Blooming

Under the sunshine of the early morning in the Autumn, each gorgeous water lily, blooming make a magnificent scene.

Come to Hanoi this fall you will have an opportunity to admire the beauty of water lilies blooming along the river lead to Perfume pagoda.

Visit Huong Pagoda

By far, the Perfume Pagoda is ideal meeting place for the photographers or those who love nature because it’s time the water lilies blooming strongly along Yen stream, show their pink petals make up the stunning spectacle.

Visit Huong Pagoda

As many photographers, this year at the Huong Pagoda, water lilies are no longer beautiful as in previous years, possibly due to weather. However, the area near Hội bridge, there are still a lot of beautiful flowers in bloom season.


You can take a boat from the dock or climb the short cut through houses. The rental is about VND 50,000 ($2.5) per boat, includes eating catering services for tourists, which is very convenient.


Unlike the busy looks, it is not “as bustling as the festival” in the spring, the fall in the Huong Pagoda is quiet, peaceful to welcome tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the pink water lilies.


Perfume Pagoda is located in Huong Son, My Duc district, Ha Tay (now in Hanoi), about 60 km from Hanoi. You can rent a car run along the Ba La road, through Thanh Oai district, Van Dinh town, arrive at Duc district. The path is not difficult so that you are able to use motor vehicles or cars are.


Water Lilies only bloom in the early morning and close when the sun shines. If you want to hunt the most beautiful pictures of the place, you have to come very early, before 9am.


Many families who have children choose Perfume Pagoda is a attractive destination for weekend because it is not too far from Hanoi, friendly natural setting, there are also mountains, river and flowers.


Many young people come to Perfume Pagoda this period to take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere of the northern rural.

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