Visit Hanoi to enjoy world’s best chocolate

If you think that only in Western countries that you can try the best chocolate, let’s think again. Now you totally can enjoy the world’s best chocolate in Hanoi One Day Tour, Vietnam with high quality.

Maison Marou Hanoi is no longer an unfamiliar name to Vietnam teenagers. After the first shop gained its deserved reputation, this rated chocolate brand continued to open its next shop in Hanoi. Coming to this shop, you will not only have chance to enjoy the world’s best chocolate bars (recognized by the UK CHOCAOLATE ACADEMY in 2013) but you can also see how they’re made, from a cacao seed into a bar.

Maison Marou Hanoi's staffs
Maison Marou Hanoi’s staffs

Any chocolate lovers will all know about Marou – the chocolate brand coming from Vietnam (made-in-Vietnam or Vietnamese chocolate) used to be mentioned by New York Times as the world’s best chocolate. Apart from making chocolate, the owners of Marou also develop Maison Marou – shops that integrate displaying chocolate making process and chocolate products into a lovely coffee shop.

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About Maison Marou 

The first Maison Marou shop is located on the Calmette Str of Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City) and it has made an excellent impression, becoming a popular site for the young generation in this city. No matter how big the milk tea fever is, Maison Marou is still crowed with chocolate lovers.

And after two years, on 31/08/2017 the second shop of the Maison Marou chains has officially welcomed Hanoi citizens to enjoy the world’s best chocolate at 91A Thợ Nhuộm Str.

Elegant decoration of Maison Marou is the wonderful space to enjoy the world's best chocolate
Elegant decoration of Maison Marou is the wonderful space to enjoy the world’s best chocolate

With 250 m2 square, this shop has brought about totally new experience about chocolate to Hanoi teenagers. Remaining the spirit of its first shop, all Maison Marou products are made right in front of the eyes of its customers (“bean-to-bar” in other words). This means that you can see with your own eyes how they made the world’s best chocolate and at the same time enjoy the world’s best fresh chocolate right at your table.

Maison Marou chocolate

The “chocolate room” is magnificent with all kinds of chocolate produced by Marou. You can buy them to take home, to be a gift or you can also enjoy it right here, depending on your preference.

Another special feature of this shop is its space to enjoy coffee. Compared to the first shop in Saigon, this one in Hanoi is definitely much more spacious and beautiful. Please take a look at the following pictures and you will see.

Enjoy chocolate with little tea or coffee is the best
Enjoy chocolate with little tea or coffee is the best

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Space of where World’s best chocolate born

Beside the world’s best chocolate, when coming to Maison Marou, you shouldn’t miss out on its lovely cakes or other special drinks like chill cinnamon, chocolate bread, Le Opera, éclair, tart au fruits, tarte au chocolate, Paris – Saigon or etc. At the moment, Maison Marou has developed many new types of chocolate, each of them has unique features coming from the area giving the cacao seeds. The price is not cheap but it’s either not too high for such luxury chocolate. In general, that’s appropriate for its value as high quality chocolate.

Let's choose your own taste with the best chocolate ever
Let’s choose your own taste with the best chocolate ever

According to one of the founders, they chose Hanoi to be the location of their next shop selling their best chocolate of the world because Hanoi has four separated seasons in a year. And more importantly, they have a special interest in here because of its winter. Enjoying a chocolate bar will be much more interesting in winter.

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I’m sure you’ll love it to walk around Hanoi Old Quarter and stop at the Maison Marou shop, have a break, enjoy some best chocolate bars and re-start the journey again. Maybe you can bring home a lovely gift for your family and your sweet-tooth friends.

For your information about World’s best chocolate

  • In 2013, Marou chocolate won the Special Award by the UK Chocolate Academy.
  • In 2015, the year’s best dark chocolate bar by Salon du Chocolat Paris.
  • Also in 2015, Golden Prize by World Chocolate Prize.
  • Golden Medal for the most beautifully designed chocolate box.
  • In 2016, the world’s best chocolate or the most unique chocolate bar on the New York Times.

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