Vietjet Air: Guideline to hunt cheap tickets

Vietjet Air is a successful low cost airline in Vietnam despite its young age. The company has many promotions with the price of 0 VND, 3000 VND or 9000 VND.

The following advices will hopefully help you “hunt” for the cheap airline tickets of this young, friendly airline when planning to travel in Vietnam.

  1. A good computer and a high-speed internet

The opening hours of the promotion only focus on several hours of the evening (due to the comments of many agencies, avoiding staff distractions during working hours), leading to the same amount of website traffic at the same time.

Usually, when launching a promotion, VietJet Air is widely publicized on the website and national media channels. Therefore, saving and frequently visit the website: http: or facebook: is the simplest and most effective way.

This is the official fanpage of Vietjet Air on Facebook
This is the official fanpage of Vietjet Air on Facebook

It is equally important for you to be quick in ordering tickets because surely dozens of people are eager to book as you. Use good browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome … to access. If your website is overloaded, you can not go in, do not get discouraged, go F5 continuously, open many browsers to be able to “encircle” all sides.

  1. Please register to receive information from VietJet Air:

This is a small but extremely effective trick that the air ticket professional hunter handed down. It’s easy for you to sign up as a guide. When you become a member of the website: http:, you will be one of the first to know the latest promotion information of VietJet Air.

You can fly to regions in Vietnam but if you want to discover Northern part, you don’t need. You are already in Hanoi? Don’t hesitate to book a Halong bay tour from Hanoi without booking a flight!

The registration area in the red circle
The registration area in the red circle

On the homepage of, select “Register member” or “subscribe”, enter your email address or mobile phone number, after a click on the “Register” button. “, you became a member of VietJet Air.

  1. Always carry an international payment card:

Make sure that your card is always available
Make sure that your card is always available

Visa and Master are two most popular cards that VietJet Air always applies for payment of promotional tickets. Always carry a valid international payment card to ensure you do not miss the golden opportunity from VietJet Air. Visa Debit and Master Debit cards now register extremely fast and simple in banks.

  1. Choose flexible fares

You should book as soon as possible, and if later, the fare is not the cheapest. If you are traveling with a group of friends and you can not get the cheapest tickets, then do not be disappointed. Try book for a few people in advance in decreasing numbers.

  1. Plan your trip:

Booking long time before actual flight will get much cheaper price
Booking long time before actual flight will get much cheaper price

If you have planned your holidays, you should visit the website regularly: http: to hunt tickets at least 3 months in advance. In addition, night flying is often cheaper than daylight, so you also pay attention to time, time difference on international flight to make a reasonable choice. At the same time, there should be a reserve day if the lowest ticket price is out of stock during the initial day.

  1. A few small notes:

  • Quantity: The system allows up to 9 guests per booking, however VietJet Air recommends only buying up to 4 tickets at a time to ensure quick completion.
  • When the error happens: Do not be too anxious, please calmly look at the error message from the system for timely processing. If it is a busy error due to multiple visitors, please exit and return for 1 minute.
  • Payment error: When the system returns or decline a card, you may have been incorrectly declared at some stage, so the security system has blocked or your card has problems. Before buying a ticket again, you need to review your inbox for the itinerary email, or visit the membership page to see if the reservation is available.
  • Check the results:
The sample of successful booking
The sample of successful booking

If the booking is successful, you can view your booking information in the following way:

– The website shows up successful booking information with the details attached

– Tickets sent to your email

– The booking code is displayed in the membership page when you log in. Reservation code is a 7-digit sequence.

Wish you always lucky to “hunt” cheap tickets of VietJet Air to start meaningful trips.

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