Myanmar (Burma) – Top 5 tourist spots

Myanmar is called as one of the most mysterious countries in Southeast Asia. Located to the West of other countries in the area, Myanmar is taken advantages of culture, Southeast Asia and West Asia fusion. This country is featured with majestic and gorgeous temples, which reminds visitors of ancient castles. In addition, you can find many unique temples throughout Myanmar. It has retained historic character. Some people even said that when they go to Burma, they felt like getting lost in the Wonderland. Discover the most beautiful spots of this country with us:

  1. Yangon, Myanmar


Yangon is a big city of Myanmar. In spite of having not been modernised, it still attracts visitors with Victorian buildings, avenues, parks or finds a busy city centre at vendors, stalls. The Boyoke Aung San market (Scott’s Market) is a must-see place and so is the famous Shwedagon Pagoda – the symbol of Yangon. Shwedagon pagoda is said to be built about 2000 years or more ago and it is respected by Buddhist. This city is the gateway of Myanmar to direct air flights reaching Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh city, Seoul, Tokyo, Chiang Mai…

  1. Mandalay

Mandalay was the last capital of Myanmar, it’s situated about 700 km to the North of Yangon. You should know that Mandalay plays an important role in Burmese culture. It’s the centre of artisans and a trading centre to many traders from all areas. Tourists can catch the views of many bicycle riders, streets or admire the beauties of the former Royal Palace, pagodas and monasteries around on the Mandalay hill.

  1. Bagan

Bagan, the first capital of Myanmar, was constructed in 1044. Located about 190km to the South of Mandalay. It’s well known with 2000 temples and stupas scattered on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy river to the East. They were all built by red bricks and decorated by local monuments. The gorgeous architecture, wall arts, or elaborate carvings arts are highlights that visitors never forget about the ancient Bagan.

  1. Inle lake
Inle Lake

The best time to visit Inle lake is 2 months of September and October. The lake is where you can find many villages on stilts. When on a boat, you can catch the view of fishermen perform their technique catching fish by one leg to keep balance on a boat. Besides, the abundance of water takes ease in planting on the riverside with lush bamboos, flowers, tomatoes, … It’s also the home of many ethnic minorities in rustic styles. The atmosphere is really fresh and comfortable.

  1. Mrauk-U
Photo by Adventureworld

It’s the ancient city of the 15th century and located in the North –Western of Myanmar. Mrauk U used to be one of the most prosperous cities in Asia by trading activities. Today, it has retained the ancient beauties of temples and stupas surrounding. You should not miss to watching the old constructions with wall paintings and local monuments influenced by Indian culture.

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