Top 5 Vietnam Festivals in summer

Vietnam is a country with many famous landmarks and tourist sites. Go along with development of Tourism Industry, there are many new festivals held on to attract attention from tourist from all over the World. Today, let me drive you to the most outstanding 5 summer Vietnam Festivals which you should join in and feel their hurly-burly.

Vietnam Festivals

1. Under a charm of Gongs Festival of Central Highlands.

This festival is considered as one of the biggest and most unique in Vietnam, Gongs Festival of Central Highland brings to tourists a full cultural space among immense forests.

Not only organizing the folklore festival of Central Highlands, promoting knowledge of the lifestyle, manners and customs; but also drive tourists to any corners of feelings and emotions.

This Festival takes place in May with contribution of over 800 artists, 11 Gongs team of Ethnic Minorities who live together at Central Highlands, and many attendees. On a large scale, Gongs Festival of Central Highlands became a light point of Vietnam Tourism in summer peak.

Vietnam Festivals

2. The second Vietnam Festivals of sweetie – Fruits Festival of Vietnam Southern.

One of the most attractive and special of the two Delta Regions, all the tourists say “yes!” to Fruits Festival of Vietnam Southern. Hundred of tasty fruits, exciting activities like parade show “Huge Fruits”, “Magical garden” with many fruits collections from 3 regions of Vietnam,…

Moreover, this festival has the contribution of many famous singers, actors, actresses,…. who perform in programme parade. Through the past 12 years, this yearly-June-festival is always a charming girl with many tourists over the World.

Vietnam Festivals

3. Deep into drinking of B’estival on Bà Nà Mountain peek.

“The best city of Vietnam” – Da Nang is a place which is mentioned the first by tourists when finding a happy summer in Vietnam. Beer Festival “B’estival” on the top of Bà Nà Hills starts just 2 years ago, however, going along with different and discipline form from one of the “best tourist area of Vietnam”; It fastly become another very attractive version of Oktoberfest Vietnam.

Enjoy many kinds of beers with top-hole grilled dishes, satisfied with carnivals of artists,… Beer Festival “B’estival” with monumental scale and takes place within 4 months has promise to give a thousand of difference to tourists. Coming “B’estival” once time, coming “B’estival” many times again.

Vietnam Festivals

4. Up to the top of emotion with “Danang Firework Festival”.

Be one of the International Festival officially from 2017, Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF) lasts in 2 summer months, It makes summer be hotter than anytime and out of tickets in just a moment.

In a small country like Vietnam, tourists could admire professional firework performance onto Han river – symbol of Danang. With a series of interesting events, DIFF is writting a big name of Danang and Vietnam.

Being organized in 2 summer months from 30/4 – 30/6, you could visit Danang and be an audience to enjoy this experience as an unforgettable memory.

Vietnam Festivals

5. Coming closer to heritage domain with “Ha Long Carnival”

With many activities and exciting street festivals, from April 22nd to April 28th, all the streets of Ha Long city are full of  performances, parades,… from artists over the World.

The main night of this festival – April 28th becomes more animated than any others. Sound, light, music are mixed together and bring a new “wind” to this city and tourists.

Be one of the tourists of this land, you will be deep into a wave of happiness and satisfaction. It’s worth for a trip and you will never regret choosing this festival as your summer destination.

Vietnam Festivals

After this blog, how do you think about our beautiful cities and Vietnam Festivals as your new destination and choices?

Vietnamese tours will make you know who you could do in our country.


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