Top 5 summer fruits in Hanoi – Following vendors’ bikes

Top 5 summer fruits in Hanoi – Following vendors’ bikes

As a tropical country in Southeast Asia, featuring with hot-yet-humid weather, Vietnam is home to various kinds of fruits all year round. It is now August when Hanoi – the beautiful capital city is on its summer days with the average temperature about 30 Celsius degrees. When wandering around those small and winding streets in a Hanoi One Day Tour, you may come across with many vendors riding a bike, selling eye-catching fruits. You may be curious of what those fruits are and how they taste. Let us help you figure out what kind of fruits the vendors are carrying on their on bikes with Top 5 summer fruits in Hanoi:

summer fruits in Hanoi
Fruit vendors on Hanoi streets

           1. Jackfruit:

We begin the list of Top 5 summer fruits in Hanoi with a spiky outer skin fruit – jackfruit. Summer is the harvest season of jackfruit. This brown-yellow-skin fruit attracts its surrounding people with its typical slight sweet fragrance and its spiky outer skin (its peal filled with plenty of horns). When you open it, you can see a lot of golden-yellow segments with slight yellow rags. Take those yellow segments out of the rags, now you can immediately taste this scrumptious fruit.

summer fruits in Hanoi
Jackfruit and its segments

Jackfruit contains significant amount of calories, protein and is a good source for Vitamin A, C and several types of antioxidants. There are two kinds of jackfruit, one with soft segment and the other with hard segments.

One interesting fact is, to check if one jackfruit is ripe, you just need to tap several times to it. If you hear the thick sounds, meaning, you can pick up this jackfruit, open it and yes taste it. Or if you smell the sweet fragrance, it says, it is time for you to pick it up and consume now. Because, the segments and rags of jackfruit is quite sticky so remember to use vegetable oil or use food gloves when opening jackfruit.

Jackfruit rag pickle in braised fish

After picked up from the tree, jackfruit is ready for consume right away. Or you can add it into yogurt to boost the flavor. Added that, edible fiber part of jackfruit can be used to make strange yet tasty food.

Due to protein element in jackfruit, if you are kinda full after meal, you’d better just take a few segments.

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            2. Longan:

summer fruits in Hanoi

The second summer fruits in Hanoi we would like to introduce to you is longan. Many may misunderstand longan with lychee or rambutan. Let see how we can distinguish longan with other fruits. Longan is brown in color and is smaller than lychee that is why it is considered little brother of lychee (Rambutan is red when it is ripe). Summer is the high time for harvesting longan. The fruit is consumed either in raw or as dried fruits. Lang Son, Bac Giang, Son La, Hung Yen Hai Duong are 5 provinces in the northern part of Vietnam which are nationally well-known for its specialty longan.

summer fruits in Hanoi
Sweet gruel from dried longan and lotus seeds

Longan is ready to consume after harvested as fresh fruit. If you want you can use the dried fruit to make scrumptious sweet gruel. Longan is rich in Vitamin C which is equal to 80% of daily requirement. Plus, langon also contains necessary minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, Vitamin A and essential anti-oxidants.

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           3. Rambutan:

Rambutan features with some its red hairs on its peal. When opening it, you can see the white flesh. When you taste it, you can feel the mild and subtle sweet taste. Rambutan contains a moderate amount of Vitamin C. For your information, a 100 gram of fresh rambutan pulp gives about 40 milligrams of Vitamin C which is equal to 66% of daily value for Vitamin C. Added that, rambutan is also rich in copper which helps prevent hair loss and intensify hair color.

summer fruits in Hanoi

            4. Dragon fruit:

summer fruits in Hanoi
Dragon fruit – red skin with white flesh

Dragon fruit is originated from Mexico, South America, Central America and then has been brought to Southeast Asian countries and becomes one of the main fruit intake here. It is very easy to recognize dragon fruit in fruit stores with its bright red-color peal.

summer fruits in Hanoi
Dragon fruit – red skin with red flesh

There are three types of dragon fruits including red skin with white flesh, red skin with red flesh and yellow skin with white flesh. In Vietnam, the first two kinds are most popular. It has a mild sweet and subtle taste.

summer fruits in Hanoi
Dragon fruit – yellow skin with white flesh

Dragon fruit is healthy fruit because it is rich in antioxidants, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and low in calories. It also contains carotene, Vitamin B, C. Thanks to that, it helps with weight loss, diabetes and improve digestive activities.

Yogurt with dragon fruit

Dragon is ready to consume as fresh fruit or it can be used to make tasty juice or added to ice cream or yogurt.

           5. Purple mangosteen:

We now complete the list of top 5 summer fruits in Hanoi with purple mangosteen. Like its name, purple mangosteen is purple in color. When opening it, you can see some white segments inside. There are 3-5 segments in each fruit. Those segments are mild sour in flavor and after trying one fruit, you may not say no for another one due to its palatable taste.

summer fruits in Hanoi
Purple mangosteen

Purple mangosteen is a rich source of fiber that helps improve your digestive health. Added that, due to being low in calories and rich in fiber, purple mangostreen can make you feel full and heavy after a small meal. That is why after meal, you may feel fuller and you will then end up with eating less.

Purple mangosteen is ready to use as fresh fruit or you can put it in refrigerator to enjoy the cool taste. So yummy.

If you are visiting Hanoi these days, you can easily find many vendors carrying their products on the old bikes roaming in winding and small streets of Hanoi. Spend a morning or an afternoon following those vendors, you can both learn many kinds of summer fruits in Hanoi and know more about Hanoi streets. Who knows after that, you can master all chess-board-alike streets of Hanoi? For more interesting facts about the beautiful Hanoi, take a look at some related articles below:

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