Sapa Souvenirs – TOP 5 bring home after Sapa trip

Before returning from your Sapa trip, you may wish to buy something as gifts for those beloved ones at home. When standing in front of various colourful items offered by locals, what should we buy? In the following, we would like to suggest you with Top 5 Sapa souvenirs to bring home. Enjoy reading!

1. Local brocade:

The very first Sapa souvenirs we would like to introduce to you is its charming local brocade. Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities including H’mong, Red Dao, Tay, Thai, Giay, Xa Pho. Ethnic women learn how to make brocade when they were young. Brocade weaving is one of the outstanding features in Sapa which shows the skill of the local women and carries the local cultural values.

When visiting Cat Cat Village, Ta Van Village in Sapa, you can easily catch the images of women making brocade. The brocade here is made so eye-catching drawing a huge attention from visitors.

Brocade varies from bracelet, purse, scarves, bags, quilts jackets, woven skirts. These items are meticulously hand-made with skills by local women. It may take a woman days or even months to finish one item. The price for those items ranges from VND 10,000 (USD$0.50) for one bracelet and a small purse can cost you around VND 100,000.

2. Silver jewelries – One of the best Sapa souvenirs.

Another unique Sapa souvenir you can consider is silver jewelries. Those bright white silver items with numerous pattern designs can make you fall in love with it at first sight. You can choose your favorite items from a great collection like necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings.

One interesting fact about the bracelet is that its weight is considered as an indicator of a person’s status. These silver jewelries are not low but they are totally worth your money.

3. Sapa Khang Gai dried meat:

When you ask locals what Sapa souvenirs we should bring home from our Sapa trip, many can recommend us one of Sapa’s specialties – Khang Gai dried meat. This is dried buffalo meat marinated with spices and dried by the heat from smoke when cooking in the local kitchen. When eating, we will clean off dust and cook with tomatoes, bamboo shoots. Or simply, you can enjoy its tasty flavor right after cleaning off dust because the Khang Gai dried meat has been ready for use.

Now, let’s try some pieces of the fleshy, fragrant and crispy Khang Gai. And remember to buy some so that you can enjoy this delicious dish with your family and friends when at home.

This Sapa tour from Hanoi 3 days 2 nights gives you more time to search for these meaningful gifts!

4. Sapa fructus crataegi wine and San Lung wine:

When talking about the top Sapa souvenirs we cannot miss out its good offerings for wine. Here we would like to introduce to you two awesome kinds of wine. Sapa fructus crataegi wine is made from one kind of local apple which has a distinctive aroma of apple. In Sapa, fructus crataegi grows in Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range and starts to blossom in the end of spring (March – April).

If you visit Sapa from August to October you can find a lot of fructus crataegi sold in local fairs. And yes, to buy some fructus crataegi wine, you just need to head to the markets of Mong people.

Another wine taste you can choose from is San Lung wine which is brewed from the esoteric yeast of Dao people. Come to the markets of Red Dao people to buy San Lung wine type 1. You can also find the wine in San Lung Village in Ban Xeo Commune, Bat Xat District – the place where the tasty San Lung is produced to sample the most standard wine.

5. Sapa fruits – Fresh Sapa souvenirs.

On the national highways to Sapa, you can find a lot of fresh local fruits like peach and Bac Ha plum. Famous for its delicious, sweet crispness, Sapa is the right place to find the best plum in the country. One good news for you is that now is the harvest time of Bac Ha plum when you can see the eye-catching red-purple color of the local plums. The price for 1 kilo of plum is around VND 50,000.

Besides fruits, you can buy some local fresh vegetables as Sapa souvenirs. Some options for you to choose from like radish, carrot, ginger, potatoes, eggplants.

Now that we have shared with you some suggestions for Sapa souvenirs. Which one will you bring home as gifts? For more interesting Sapa travel tips, you can refer to some of our related articles below:

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