Top 5 Local Food in Saigon You Must Try

Saigon has hundreds of delicacies for you to explore, but first enjoy some delicious local dishes that created brand of this beautiful city.

1.Saigon’s meat loaf / Banh mi Sai Gon

banh mi saigon
Banh mi Saigon

Bread is available in all place in Vietnam, you can easily buy breads everywhere with cheap price. However, only Saigon serves 22 different categories of bread so you can have many choices in enjoying that Vietnam famous food. The most popular and famous in Saigon is the meat loaf which you can see everywhere in the city from the bakery to many street selling vehicle.
Ingredients of each meat loaf are slightly different, but in general it combined at least 10 ingredients from pate, butter, jambon, ham to homemade sauces, pickled… A full meat loaf with price range from 10.000 to 30.000 VND will make you never forget that southern city.

2. Saigon broken rice

saigon broken rice
Saigon Broken Rice

Traveling to Saigon is also means to eat broken rice, if you have not eaten broken rice yet then you still not visit Saigon. Saigon people can eat broken rice all the time from breakfast to lunch, dinner or even late night before going home. Broken rice with grilled pork chop is the most delicious and traditional dish. Thick steak marinated with dozens spices cooked fragrant then you can feel the soft, medium sweet meat combine with sour sauce will not disappoint you.

  • Ba Ghien Restaurant: 84 Dang Van Ngu Street, Phu Nhuan District, Saigon
  • Cali Restaurants: You can check your nearest address through the restaurant website HERE
  • Thuan Kieu Restaurant: You can check your nearest address through the restaurant website HERE

3. Banh trang tron

banh trang tron saigon
Banh trang tron – Saigon

Banh trang tron is very popular with youngsters due to the cheap price range from 10.000 to 20.000 VND. It is basically a snack food, consist of shredded rice paper, seasoned with chilli sauce, fresh herbs, salty fish, quail eggs and many other ingredients then mix it together to make a portion of Banh trang tron.
Along with Banh trang tron, you can also try the Banh trang nuong or you can say Vietnamese pizza. This snack food is also very famous and widely available in many street vendors. A sheet of grill rice paper with the topping of quail eggs, green onions and other ingredients then fold into a crispy taco. If you have traveling all days and looking for something to eat temporary then these two dishes are good choice.

4. Saigon snail dishes

saigon snail dishes
Saigon snail dishes

Saigon is not the coastal city, but if you come here you must eat a meal of snails, this dishes is become a “way of life” of Saigonese. A real restaurant in Saigon have nearly 20 types of snails, with many processing ways for each type such as grilled, steamed, boiled, fried with garlic, fried with butter….
You cannot taste all the snails in one meals because the menu is long and of course your stomach is limited so be prepared your time if you want to truly understand the real Saigon.

  • Dao Restaurant: Nhien Loc Street, Ward 2, Phu Nhan District, Saigon
  • Chut chit Restaurant: Alley 285, Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, District 10, Saigon
  • Ốc số 9: Nguyen Van Giai Street, District 01, Saigon

5. Rice noodles / Hu tieu

hu tieu saigon
Hu tieu – Saigon

Rice noodle dish was too familiar to Southerners. This is a Chinese dishes are imported into Vietnam and modified to suit the tastes of Vietnamese people. In Saigon, many famous brands of rice noodle such as My Tho, Nam Vang noodle, Sa Dec noodle and casual noodle dishes are typing. A full bowl of noodles including broth, shrimp, pork, minced meat, small noodles, served with lettuce, chives … Today; there are many variation of rice noodle served with: fish, squid, ribs…
Click HERE for info about best Hu Tieu address in Saigon

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