Best things to do in West lake Hanoi

Hanoi is known as city of the lake. There are hundred lakes in this city. Among that, West Lake is the largest one with 15 km in circumference. West Lake has a fascinating and unique charm. If you ask people in Hanoi, what does West Lake have? Many of them will tell you it only has the quite and peaceful, however, there are more than that. And here are best things to do in West lake Hanoi  

1. West Lake Walking street

After the first walking street in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi had a second new pedestrian street right next to west lake. This walking street is named after Trinh Cong Son, a Vietnamese songwriter who is one of the pioneer in modern Vietnamese music. Traditional art forms feature with songs written by Son will be performed on music nights at walking street.

things to do in west lake Hanoi
Walking Street – Internet Photo

This is completely new walking space, located right next to the lotus lagoon around west lake area. There are about 50 booths offering the traditional crafts and signature foods of Tay Ho and Hanoi. Travellers can try Phu Thuong sticky rice, West Lake shrimp pancake, snail noodles, lotus tea, and Vong green rice flakes. The booths in here recall the architecture of the Hanoi and Hoi An old town. Thanks to that, people here will have a new experiences completely different from walking street in the center.

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2. West Lake Water Park

Water Park – Internet Photo

West Lake Water Park is a place of entertainment, extremely popular with families, students on the summer, like a Hanoi food tour. Located right on the beautiful and peaceful West Lake of Hanoi, this is a perfect place on hot sunny days.

After pressure working and studying, dipping into the cool water will remove the heat of summer days. The fresh water will help people regain and recharge the energy for the whole week. West Lake Water Park provide variable of games not only underwater but also on land. The games are both adventurous and gentle promise you will have the best relax time in here.

Notice that water park will close in winter. Ticket price is 160.000 VND ~ $ 7 and opening hours is from 8 A.M to 8 P.M

3. Cycling

things to do in west lake Hanoi
Cycling – Internet Photo

Recently, cycling around west lake has become a new trend for enthusiasts and visitors. Considered the largest lake in center of Hanoi, West Lake is located in the north of the capital. With 17km length, walking around this lake seems to be one of the craziest things you can do, but cycling sound easier. Biking is the best way to immerse yourself in the cool breeze from the lake, and admire the magical charm here. Especially when the early morning or evening when the temperature is low is the best time to cycling. You can consider to ride a bicycle with Hanoi bicycle tour.

4. Watching the sunset

Sunset – Internet Photo

After the long day, until 18:00 the sun is still running and boil the water on the lake. The cloud seems to turn into fire dragons flying on the surface of the lake. When the sun descends, creating halo that only wide space in west lake can cover it. Tourists can see the color that they never knew it would exist in nature, the colors the sun against the sky can be truly amazing. West lake  is the best place to watch the sunset in Hanoi. That moment only appear for an hour but bring incredible feeling for those who spend time to admire it. The atmosphere become quite, make all the pressure, difficulties in life disappears at that time.

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5. Lotus Tea

things to do in west lake Hanoi
Lotus tea – Internet Photo

Every summer, the whole area in West Lake is full of Lotus Flower scent. Not knowing when, lotus tea become a special feature, represent the culture of Hanoi. There are several ways to make lotus tea. The normal way is stuffing green teas leaves into a flower and leaving them overnight. Another way is to pull the entire statement from the flowers and then jar them overnight with the tea leaves or bake the tea leaves with them. This way require more time and hard work but it help the lotus scent and taste soak into the tea. Therefore, it is no surprise when lotus tea is considered the best tea and the king of the tea. To many people, making lotus tea is a way of preserving one of oldest Hanoi’s craft.

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