Things to do in Sapa – Checklist for 2019

When talking about things to do in Sapa, what comes first in your mind? Do you want to discover its picturesque local villages, to admire the top Sapa attractions or to go trekking here? To help you fulfill your Sapa experience, we would like to introduce to you the checklist for top things to do in Sapa 2019. Let’s exploring.

1. Conquering Fansipan Mountain:

Known as the roof of Indochina, conquering Fansipan Mountain is the dream of many young people. That is the reason why the very first things to do in Sapa is to go up to the highest place of Vietnam in particular and of Indochina in general. With the support from cable car, climbing to the mountain is now much more comfortable and less tough.

But if you love adventure, you really should climb to Fansipan Mountain. There is a stop at the middle of the journey for travellers to sleep overnight and fill up your energy to finish the trip. Coming to Sapa this time, you have the ample chance to admire its peaceful views of locals harvesting on their farmland.

2. Admiring its magnificent rice field terraces:

Terraced fields in Sa Pa were honored as one of the most spectacular terraced fields in the world. Nature rewards the destination so generously with an ideal landscape, climate and those friendly, hardworking and skillful people. For hundreds of years, they have created their own masterpieces – rice field terraces – these are the steps leading up to the sky.

green rice field terraces - things to do in sapa
Lush green rice field terraces – Internet photo

The rice harvest season comes in September when the lush green fields turn to golden yellow color creating an extremely alluring time for travelling to Sapa.

3. Climbing Ham Rong Mountain to catch the breathtaking panoramic view of Sapa:

Observing the town from a hut with a height of 1,800m on the top of Ham Rong is such an interesting experience that you never want to miss when visiting Sapa.

Ham Rong mountain - things to do in Sapa
Ham Rong Mountain – Internet photo

At a different angle, Sapa Town with its twisting roads, diverse hotels, tourist resorts looks like a tiny castle at your feet. Besides, you can also see a lot of colorful flower gardens and enjoy fresh air here.

If you head to Sapa from the country capital, this Sapa tour from Hanoi will give you such a smooth and enjoyable journey.

4. Watching sunrise and sunset – Things to do in Sapa:

Stunning sunrise view – Internet photo

When immersing in such poetic views of sunrise and sunset in Sapa, you may feel grateful to the Mother Nature for giving us a wonderful and perfect place like Sapa. Slowly taking a sip of coffee and enjoying the views can totally warm your heart. You’ve got the idea of where to watch sunset and sunset right?

Head to some tranquil cafés in Sapa and start your viewing journey.

5. Trekking and living an unhurried pace of life:

Go trekking in Sapa will surely bring you unforgettable experiences. With its typical landform of a mountainous area, Sapa offers one of the longest trekking routes in the world. You may trek a lot of kilometers a day, walk from morning to afternoon, pass through towns, villages, through those spectacular rice fields, small streams, bridges, walk down hills.

cat cat village
Cat Cat Village – Internet photo

The experience gives you more time to observe and learn more about the enticing local life and the culture of indigenous people. Some attractive tourist trekking sites include: Sapa Old Town, Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa Valley, Ta Van Village, Ta Phin Village, etc.

6. Living with locals in their homestay:

When visiting Sapa, sleeping in a homestay of an ethnic family, enjoying typical, fresh and delicious dishes, then waking up in such a tranquil village and listening to the merry crow all gives you such a peaceful and relaxed ambience.

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7. Visiting Thac Bac (Silver) and Tinh Yeu (Love) Waterfalls:

Thac Bac and Tinh Yeu Waterfalls are about 12 km from the center of Sapa Town on the way to Lai Chau Province. Such a wonderful experience when we immerse ourselves into the charming natural scenery, the cool atmosphere and listen to the curious legend of Love Waterfall where the seventh fairy met the woodman.

Her love for the woodman and his flute was forbidden by the Heaven. She then turned into a golden feathered bird flying up to the top of a mountain and kept cheeping O Quy Ho. This sound then was named for O Quy Ho Pass – one the most adventurous passes in Vietnam.

8. Watching the panoramic view on the top of O Quy Ho Mountain:

On the way to Lai Chau Province, through Thac Bac and Tinh Yeu Waterfalls, you will visit O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four greatest passes (including O Quy Ho Pass – Lao Cai Province, Khau Pha Pass – Yen Bai Province, Pha Din – Dien Bien Province, Ma Phi Leng Pass – Ha Giang Province) in the northern part of Vietnam.

O Quy Ho Pass - things to do in Sapa
The breathtaking view of O Quy Ho Pass – Internet photo

Standing on the top of the pass, you will see the winding and adventurous routes connecting Lai Chau and Lao Cai provinces plus the impressive Hoang Lien Son Mountain range nearby.

9. Enjoying local specialties:

What a pity if you miss out the tempting specialties in Sapa such as stem sprouts, salmon, spring fish (fish caught from local streams), local pig (cap nach pig) and grilled dishes sold at local street stalls in Sapa Town at night. The ideal cool weather in Sapa is totally suitable for having hot dishes like hotpot, grilled dishes while sipping some tasty corn wine.

We suggest you try out Top 10 exotic Sapa food when in the town.

10. Exploring a tranquil Sapa:

When wandering around the popular touristy spots in Sapa like Fansipan Mountain, Sapa Town, Cat Cat Village, Ta Van Village, you may see a lot of tourists. For those who wish to spend sometimes in a less touristy place, then paying a visit to some villages in Thanh Kim, Nam Sai, Nam Cang towns is truly a perfect choice. You are freely to wallow into the joyful sound of streams flowing and rustling leaves while overlooking the magnificent Hoang Lien Son Mountain range.

nam sai town - things to do in sapa
Nam Sai Town

Which activity among top things to do in Sapa will you add to your own checklist? Let’s share with us in the comment below. Wish you have such a great time in the beautiful Sapa.


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