Bánh Tráng – Star of Vietnam Street food

“Bánh tráng” is called for a “big family” which is very popular in daily life of the young of Vietnam. There are about 7 members in this family with 7 different tastes. GADT has recommendation for this street food: If you try one, you should try all. Because they bring to you a surprise called: flavour explosion!

Talk about the ingredients, firstly its main part is “bánh tráng” which made from rice powder, laminated and dried, slice sour mango, Vietnamese coriander, boil quail eggs, spicy sauce, peanut and jerky. Sometimes, depends on the vendor, “Bánh Tráng” will be added other ingredients like: sausage, dried cuttlefish, scallion,… You can tell the vendor your recipe.

Street food
The “Bánh Tráng” family

Now, let me show you 3 out-standing brothers of “Bánh Tráng” family!

1. Mix “Bánh Tráng”- a well-known street food

Mix “Bánh Tráng” is the most famous character and be the first recipe of “Bánh Tráng”. His main part is shred and be in mixing with other ingredients. Although he is so easy to make, he is still be like flavour harmony. From spicy chili to savor of coriander, sour mango, greasy eggs and salty jerky; all parts of this dish easily lead eaters to KNOCK-OUT like conquering a fight. This is the reason why mix “Bánh Tráng” is more and more popular not only in Vietnam but also the World and be the best choice of many people nowadays.


2. Scroll “Bánh Tráng” – the other one with convenience

Although this dish was born after her elder brother – Mix “Bánh Tráng”, she is still a “star” of the young now. Be made with ingredients like Mix “Bánh Tráng” but added butter sauce and scroll together. Especially, “bánh tráng” in original form is crispy, however as it is in together with other ingredients, it suddenly turns to be pulpy; this is like “bánh tráng” and its parts are born to be the one. There is one more thing will make you choose this dish: It’s so convenient to take away to eat because you do not need to use chopstick, just use your hand and taste it.

It is like a present which Scroll “Bánh Tráng” brings to tourists.

Street food

3. Grilled “Bánh Tráng” – Vietnamese Pizza.

Grilled “Bánh Tráng” is an outstanding street food which from a province of Vietnam – Dalat. I called this dish is “Bad guy” because It makes eaters fall in love with it easily. If you walk past a Grilled “Bánh Tráng” stall, you could not just pass it away. Its ingredients spread together and they smell heavenly.

When be in waiting for your “Vietnamese pizza”, you can see how fast the vendor prepare and cook it. All steps is only in 5 minutes, then your “pizza” will be on your hand. Grilled “Bánh Tráng” is not come from art like Italian pizza, It is not finical, not precise, it comes from Vietnamese warm life which touch to the bottom of tourists.


Street food

This “Bánh Tráng” Family appears in many cities of Vietnam like: Hanoi, Sai Gon, Dalat, Danang,…

You can find them in markets, street food stalls, kiosk,…. Try them once and you will never regret reading this blog.


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