Vietnam Water Park For Every One

On the morning of June 10, a Vietnam water park is officially open to people. They are water parks, four-season swimming pools and the largest multi-purpose gymnasium. People have the opportunity to experience adventurous and thrilling games in the cool space in the most hot and sunny days. It’s Thanh Ha Waterpark of Muong Thanh Group.

What to expect at Thanh Ha Waterpark – Vietnam water park?

This place is located on the outskirts of southwestern Hanoi, on the road connecting with 4 districts. This is a modern synchronously invested play area according to European standards.

 Thanh Ha Waterpark from flying camera
Thanh Ha Waterpark from flying camera (Internet)

The outside is like the castle wall with a huge welcom wall. Moreover, the water park has 9 categories of adventurous and fast-paced games such as 4-lane skid trail, spiral slide, giant whirlpool, lazy river, cosmic black hole, slide, artificial wave generator…

Fresh gate of the park (Internet)
Fresh gate of the park (Internet)

In addition to games playing, it also has terrestrial play areas suitable for all ages. From the gate, shaping the castle made visitors overwhelmed by the investment of this population in this Vietnam water park.

 Thanh Ha Waterpark
Thanh Ha Waterpark (Internet)

Price ticket of the park

Thanh Ha water park started selling tickets on the morning of June 10. On the occasion of the opening, they decided to reduce the fare by 50% with all visitors to enjoy and experience the games at the park. Normally, for adults, the average fare is from 140,000 to 70,000 VND / person, the price of children is from 110,000 to 140,000 VND / person depending on the specific date and time.

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Amazing spots to enjoy in a Vietnam water park

The amazing thing is security guards stand in both entry gates and check the entrance tickets carefully. From the opening day, a lot of people have come to experience the most modern water park in the capital.

Cheking children condition in Thanh Ha Waterpark
Cheking children condition in Thanh Ha Waterpark (Internet)

Besides, the sensation of cool comes immediately. It is seemingly opposite to the hot sun outside. The panoramic view of the thrilling space is called “Cosmic black hole”. The huge curve of the slide creates a sense of adventure for the group of 4 young people participating in this game. You can visit Thanh Ha Waterpark Fanpage for more information.

Many amazing activities to enjoy (Internet)
Many amazing activities to enjoy (Internet)
Three-color pipe in a Vietnam Water park (Internet)
Many amazing activities to enjoy (Internet)
Many amazing activities to enjoy (Internet)

Therefore, many people share that they are very joyful with the adventure games, swimming pools in the water park. Therefore, this is a safe, ideal and attractive and destination for families this summer.

Many amazing activities to enjoy (Internet)
Many amazing activities to enjoy (Internet)

Besides this park, you should have a trip to Ecopark, too. It’s very intersting and joyful weekend here.

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