Special activity in Hanoi like local

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, is famous for more than a thousand-year history with rich culture and custom. Travelling to this city, beside joining popular activity, there are some other special experiences for tourists that not many of them know.

  1. Witness the ceremony of pulling and lowering the flag daily in Ba Dinh Square

Lowering flag ceremony

Go to Hanoi, in addition to the famous relics, you will be able to see interesting when witnessed the flag raising and lowering ceremony at 6pm and 21h daily in Ba Dinh Square.

The flag-raising ceremony in Ba Dinh Square is a national ritual of Vietnam, performed every 6 am in front of Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi. The idea of performing rituals on the square was proposed by the Tomb Protection Command and approved by the Government on May 19, 2001 on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh.

During the ritual, you will hear the heroic songs of the Vietnamese people in the wars, along with the solemnity of the ceremony, which makes each one feel very touched. Every day, many people come to witness these two sacred rituals and express their gratitude to the country. This is an activity you should not miss when visiting Hanoi.

  1. Try street food

An other activity that you can not ignore is trying street food. Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular are called the paradise of street food. The cuisine of Hanoi is very harmonious in taste, not too spicy and sweet, the variety of raw materials is a striking feature that creates a separated culture.

Try street food is the intersting activity

The feeling of enjoying a hot noodle soup on a cold winter day, or a cup of cool summer sweet soup at the narrow alleys of less than 1 m2 width of Hanoi is a truly worthy experience. You will understand the customs and lifestyle of local people and especially can enjoy the extremely delicious and eye-catching food. You can find a lot of “street restaurants” in the Old Town area. If you want to suggest some good and hygiene restaurants, please comment below.

Be a local in Hanoi is not enough for a travel-lover, trust me! You should definitely join in our Halong bay tour from Hanoi to become extremely knowledgable!

  1. Have a quiet afternoon in the café overlooking the Sword Lake

A cafe space near Sword Lake

Walking along the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake, you will find many small and old cafe’s on the upper floors of the houses. Many cafes are decorated in old Hanoi style with very own art space. For those who first come to these cafes, they even wonder how to get in these coffee shops. Going through small alleys which are just fit for one person creates something very unique that you can hardly find in any other city. In the ancient space of Hanoi, call a cup of coffee, sip and enjoy a peaceful afternoon here. This will be a wonderful and memorable activity.

  1. Enjoy sunset in West Lake

Sunset in West Lake

The next activity that GoAsiaDayTrip would like to share with you relates to another lake, famous not less than the Sword Lake, it is the West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi. Besides the famous attractions such as Tran Quoc Pagoda, Tay Ho Temple, you can go to the West Lake in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. Sunset at West Lake is considered the most romantic moment in Hanoi. You can experience the duckling game to watch the sunset on the lake, extremely romantic for the couple.

  1. See Hanoi at night

When the quiet streets fall asleep, Hanoi brings the different beauty. Young people still whisper each other about the beautiful beauty of Hanoi when the clock is 12 o’clock. You can go through the Sword Lake, to West Lake, stop at some night restaurants and see strange view of quiet streets.

Quang Ba flower night market

Hanoi is transformed into a different view. Coming to Quang An flower market – Quang Ba district near West Lake, where happens only bustling activities when the street was sleeping, you can find all the flowers you like here. You can talk to them, or simply observe the beauty of the lives of hard working people. It was a great experience.

These are some special experiences that you can try in Hanoi. If you want to join a tour to explore Hanoi like a local people, let’s join our program: Vietnam free tours with the young enthusiastic tour guides.


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