Shopping malls for your trip in Manila

The Philippines is famous for being one of the busiest shopping centers in Southeast Asia, besides Bangkok (Thailand) or Singapore. The city has many luxury shopping centers and traditional local markets for tourists to explore. The following local shopping centers, halls, and shopping centers will be your guide to shopping in Manila.

  1. Robinsons Place Mall

The shopping mall has the good location for tourists to visit
The shopping mall has the good location for tourists to visit

Robinson Place Mall is one of the oldest shopping malls in Manila, nearly 40 years old, but has evolved in its current model since 1997. Robinson Place is located between the City of Manila, where concentrates many government agencies. With a floor area of ​​about 250,000 square meters, Robinson has a large supermarket, retail outlets, 6 movie theaters, bowling, billiards, fountains, children’s play area, gym … The sound of many fresh food items, vegetables and fruits are brought including domestic and imported ones. In addition, there is a food court with concentrated food stalls, not scattered like many other major shopping malls. The same system with Robinsons Place also has the Robinsons Galleria in Quezon City.

  1. China Town

The gate of Chinatown
The gate of Chinatown

Almost China Town has been formed in many countries by the Chinese people and formed with the distinctive Chinese culture that blends in with the common culture of the country, creating diversity in culture, either China Town in the Philippines.

This is one of the addresses can not be ignored for tourists by the cuisine background with the famous cuisine of Manila and Chinese. Here are a number of items, from clothing, fashion items, jewelry to household items, to electronics that can be bought and discounted all year round, but visitors should pay close attention to quality rather than price.

  1. SM Mall Of Asia

If you are a shopping devote, don't miss this mall
If you are a shopping devote, don’t miss this mall

This is the 10th largest shopping mall in the world and the largest in the Philippines when it was built in 2006. It consists of four buildings: the main shopping center, entertainment center, buildings in the north and the south car park is connected by a walkway.

Shopping malls in Manila is a highlight and islands in Halong is also one! Let’s chill with them in our Halong bay tour from Hanoi if you have more time!

As soon as you arrive at the center, visitors will be attracted by the round steel ball spinning in front of the yard. You will definitely have a fun shopping trip in Manila at the SM Mall Of Asia.

  1. Market! Market Shopping Mall

Here is where you can try the local products
Here is where you can try the local products

The Market Market pattern combines traditional and modern items. If you want to try traditional food, buy local produce … of all regions in the Philippines, then Market! Market is the most appropriate address. Market! Market is located in the heart of Global City, the fastest growing and modern metropolis in Manila. Market! Market, which consists of two separate areas, is the first experimental model to integrate both wholesale and retail, including both traditional and modern items. The Fiesta outdoor market offers a variety of Filipino food stalls. At this market, you also buy a myriad of local produce, fruits, fresh flowers, food from regions in the country like Cebu, Bacolod … Here every Sunday there is a weekend market. Next to the open air area, Market! Market still has a 5-storey commercial center with fairly popular brands.

  1. Las Tiendesitas Market

One stall in the market
One stall in the market

Las Tiendesitas Market is a popular shopping spot in Manila, similar to the famous Chatuchak Market in Thailand. The market area is 30,000 m² and offers a full range of goods from clothing, footwear, accessories, handicrafts, antiques … to both animals and plants.

There are also many stalls selling local specialties. If you do not intend to shop, then take a stroll in the Las Tiendesitas market is also an enjoyable experience in Manila for travelers.

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