Sapa Day Tours: Perfect Destination For Your Trips

Sapa is a tourist spot about 30 km from Lao Cai city center. Located at the average altitude of 1500 – 1800 m above sea level, Sapa Town is always immersed in floating clouds, creating a fanciful, strange and beautiful spots for taking pictures in your Sapa day tours. You might be confused why this little city can be perfect destination for your trip, let’s take a look!

Sapa Tours: Amazing Destination - sapa day tours
Sapa Day Tours: Amazing Destination

1. Weather in Sapa:

The climate in Sapa is temperate and subtropical. This is an ideal place to avoid heat for tourists in the summer, because the air is cool all year round. The weather in Sapa is difficult to predict precisely because it can be “sunny morning, rainy afternoon” at any time.

When experiencing time in Sapa, you will be impressed because the weather here is usually full of four seasons. In the morning, the weather in Sapa is like spring, the sunny afternoon is as light as the summer, the afternoon of the mist drops down to feel like autumn, and the cold night brings cold of the winter. Here comes with details to prepare for your Sapa day tours.

Spring: Spring weather in Sapa often has an ideal temperature range of 15 – 18 ° C, from February to early May. Here, you will admire the vast beauty of the forests of plum flowers, blooming peach blossoms, and the feeling of spring in each of the nursery and the bustling life of the people here. Choosing Sapa day tours in spring is such a good idea for everyone.

Spring in Sapa day tours
Spring in Sapa

Summer: It usually starts from late May to early August every year. In the summer in Sapa, there is no severe sunshine like in the plain or coastal provinces. Daytime temperatures are around 20-25 ° C, lower night temperatures with 13 – 15 ° C. Therefore, it will be a perfect destination if you want to avoid hot weather in the summer. You can come to Sapa to relax and enjoy the style and wonderful climate here.

If you visit Sapa in summer, this What to do in Sapa in summer can be a great suggestion for you.

Fall: The most beautiful time of arrival in Sapa in the year is probably the fall from the end of August until November. The fall of Sapa is cool and fresh, the air is dry and moderately cold. In particular, this is a golden ripe season on terraced fields, creating beautiful landscapes. Trust me, Sapa day tours are deserved to be one of the best ones in the world.

Fall in Sapa day tours
Fall in Sapa

Winter: Arriving in Sapa in winter, you must be able to withstand the typical cold of high mountainous areas. This season, Sapa is often clouded, temperatures sometimes below 0°C. However, if you want to see snow, or ice, you can go to Sapa as a perfect destination in Vietnam from December to March every year.

Be healthy is the most important, and this Sapa winter – What to wear can help you out.

Winter in Sapa day tours
Winter in Sapa

2. Attractions in Sapa day tours:

“Where to go in Vietnam?” – Sapa

“Where to go in Sapa?” – Let’s read!

  • Fansipan:

Sapa is home to stunning mountain landscapes, verdant rice terraces, unique stilt villages and Indochina peak, the Fansipan. The most prominent attraction in the town of Sapa is Fansipan, which is the highest mountain in Vietnam and it is only 19km from town. It may seem like a short distance, but the trek is not easy; the rough terrain and unpredictable weather present some difficulties. Those who are fit and have mountain climbing experience will enjoy this attraction the most, as the peak is accessible all year round. Technical climbing skills are not necessary, but endurance is a must.

Attractions in Sapa: Fansipan
Attractions in Sapa: Fansipan

However, the cable with two Guinness certifications is your savior!

For those who love trekking, this Sapa Trekking Tour with homestay perfectly fits your need.

  • Muong Hoa Valley

Located 8km away from town, Muong Hoa Valley was formed by a narrow strip of land at the east side base on of a mountain for the length of 30km. Lies between two high ranges of mountains running parallel from southeast of Sapa town; it is famous for breathtaking scenery and is the largest farmland for rice growing in Sapa district. For Sa Pa lovers, Muong Hoa Valley is one of the most famous destinations for breathtaking scenery and is the largest farmland for rice growing in Sapa. Muong Hoa Valley is especially delightful. It is beautiful during both the new rice and harvest seasons thanks to the unique terraced fields.

Attractions in Sapa: Muong Hoa valley - sapa day tours
Attractions in Sapa: Muong Hoa valley
  • Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain of the majestic Hoang Lien Son Range in northern Lao Cai province’s. It has been listed among top 8 stunning sunsets in the world, according to the US’ Huffington Post newspaper. This attraction in Sapa has a special name. The name of Ham Rong was derived from the legend that, in primitive age there were a couple of dragons which became attached to each other while the deluge was rising high. Walking up, they hurrily separated from each other but failed. They were drifted to different places.

Attractions in Sapa: Ham Rong Mountain

Attractions in Sapa: Ham Rong Mountain
  • Rice terrace fields

In Sapa, these fields are not defined attractions but it can be lure you by the beauty and romance. They are slopes claimed from nature for cultivation in hilly or mountainous areas. Due to the steep feature, fertile soil thanks to it was created by weathered granite rock and mountain cliffs often stock water, local ethnic minority people can grow rice and establish terraced rice fields, one after another, from the foot to nearly top of mountains. Rice terrace fields in Sapa are being submitted to to UNESCO for recognizing as World Heritage of Vietnam. Anyone who came to Sapa will be surprised to see the terraced fields as beautiful as the steps up to the sky. This is always a unique attraction in Sapa for tourists in over the world.

Attractions in Sapa: Terriced fields - sapa day tours
Attractions in Sapa: Terriced fields
  • Cultural villages in Sapa

The villages in Sapa are an indispensable part of Sapa day tours, together with the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests. The village of ethnic minorities here attracts large numbers of visitors to Sapa every year. In addition to the Kinh people, there are five ethnic groups including the H’mong are the largest, followed by Dao Do, Giay, Tay and Xa Pho.

Attractions in Sapa: Cultural villages - sapa day tours
Attractions in Sapa: Cultural villages

Learn more Ethnic groups in Sapa day tours with us!

3. Unique food in Sapa day tours:

Although characterized by its majestic scenery, cool weather, and outstanding culture, Sapa is also known as the heaven of food in the northwest of Vietnam. If you visit Sapa, in addition to enjoying the beautiful landscape, you must try the local food. Explore the special cuisine culture of this land and you’ll understand yet another trait that makes it outstanding.

WOW, what to eat? These dishes will blow your mind: BBQ, Horse meat soup, Rice in bamboo tube, Free range pig, Dried buffalo meat, Dry Pho and so on. Or you can read:

Unique food in Sapa - sapa day tours

Unique food in Sapa
Unique food in sapa: Dried Pho
Unique food in Sapa: Dried Pho

Hope you will get more and more knowledge about where to go in Vietnam, especially what Sapa day tours can bring you. Of course, it is never enough for a fully trip. Following us in next post, there are many many awaiting for you!

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