Sapa Christmas : Enjoy the special occasions as Sapa souvenirs

Gather together with your family around the grate in the Christmas atmosphere; Enjoy dinner with a glass of red wine; Take a walk on the foggy streets … will bring you many interesting experiences when joining Sapa Christmas in winter.  Many tourists choose this upland town for their Christmas and winter holiday for variant reasons but they have the same memorable and worth trips.

Sapa Christmas
Sapa in winter – warm and sweet place


Sapa in winter looks like the whole European miniature and you will not find out any place other than Sapa to spend your winter holiday at the harmony of European scenery and the upland landscapes in Asia. That’s why experiencing Christmas time in Sapa is highly recommended.

Come to Sapa in winter, you will have a chance to enjoy the signature cold weather of Northwest mountainous provinces of Vietnam . The temperature is around -6 Celsius to 5 Celsius with drizzle and fog blinding all the way, sometimes appearing snowfall.

From November to January, Sapa is deeply in the cold of winter. Mid December is great time to visit Sapa. It is not peak season, not too crowded, foggy and sometimes rainy, but after that the scenery is gorgeous, especially at sunrise time. 

Let’s see how different the Sapa Christmas atmosphere in the city and in a mountainous area with a Sapa tour from Hanoi.

Sapa Christmas
A beautiful sunrise rarely to be taken in Sapa’s winter.
Sapa Christmas
Clouds on the Fansipan. Source: Facebook
Sapa Christmas
Fansipan sky gate

Fansipan is completely available for whom coming to conquer it and enjoy the best panorama of the town from the height of 3,143 meters  above the sea level under the fantastic snow falling at the same time.

In the middle of last December, Sapa was covered with snow that it looked so picturesque and splendid.

Sapa Christmas
A corner of Sapa is covered by snow


When Christmas comes, everything and everywhere in Sapa is decorated by warm light bulbs and pine trees with bells. It makes Sapa look so sweet and romantic.


People often pour into the center of the town then immerse themself in the exciting and bustling atmosphere in front of the Church to wait together for the important time of the Christmas night. In the 24th November evening, you should join in Christmas and New Year Celebration Program with uniquely traditional dance and music performances and lots of interesting collective games making your Sapa tour more and more deserving to spend.

Winter Festival to celebrate Christmas and New Year

It will be a very fantastic moment of the holiday when you and the local mutually pray at the Church to hope and welcome a New Year full of happiness and luck.

The Stone Church in Sapa is covered by snow

If you want to enjoy Christmas peacefully with your family or your lover, you can stay in a cozy hotel or book a table  beside the window at a snug restaurant to enjoy the dinner.

Imagine, all members of your family gather around the dining table with a salmon hot pot – a signature hot pot of Sapa in a warm atmosphere and pray for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Salmon hot pot – a must-try dish in Sapa

Sapa in winter is beautiful like a legend of the Northwestern zone of Vietnam, in which the landscapes and its people as well as the nature make it an impressive story of a place with illusory winter. Thus, taking a Sapa tour for Christmas and New Year is an ideal choice.

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