Sapa restaurants – Where is buddy of your tummy?

Do you know? In Sapa, you can eat and drink whenever for a delicious and refreshing taste. From grilled aromatic skewers, hot salmon hotpot, the famous Thang Co, to black coffee or herbal tea both. All will make you unable to hold back. However, the most important thing is to go to the right quality restaurants in Sapa, especially after a long exploring Sapa! Therefore, we are here to bring you TOP 10 best Sapa restaurants. For what? For finding the best buddy for your tummy!

1. Sapa specialties restaurant – A Phu.

Sapa restaurants
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As a restaurant located right in the center of Sapa town (near Stone Church). A Phu restaurant is in the Sapa restaurants list, which serves Sapa’s famous specialties. Especially, salmon hotpot, grilled salmon, grilled chicken chicken with charcoal, black chicken stewed with herbs, armpit, etc. to help diners better understand the cuisine in this land.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the famous boiled vegetables and stir-fried tops right here.

  • A Phu Restaurant open from 09h00 – 23h00.
  • Address: No. 15 Fansipan, Sapa, Lao Cai province.

2. Thang Co Restaurant – A Quynh – the most famous one of Sapa restaurants.

Sapa Restaurants
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It is a unique dish of extremely unique ethnic people of Sapa and Northern mountainous provinces. In fact, to make up the flavor of this unique dish of victory, it must be a combination of horse meat and unique ingredients.
On the other hand, horse meat can also be made from beef, pork, …

The most famous and attractive Thang Co? We must mention to A Quynh restaurant, Thang Co of this restaurant is cooked to produce the soft and fresh meat.

  • Open hour from 07:00 to 22:30
  • Address: No. 15 Thach Son, Sapa, Lao Cai Province.

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3. Sapa Restaurants of Northwest Food – Chapa.

Sapa restaurants
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Generally always in the list of famous Sapa restaurants, Chapa is considered one of the famous dining addresses in Sapa that tourists should choose.

With a rich menu of many dishes with enthusiastic and attentive service, once visiting Sapa Chapa restaurant at 40 Cau May, Sapa, Lao Cai, visitors will feel Sapa flavor in each dish.

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4. Do Quyen Restaurant.

Sapa Restaurants
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Start opening from 9am to 22pm daily. Sapa Do Quyen Restaurant located on the top of Fansipan (Sapa, Lao Cai) with open space, beautiful will make visitors enjoy the specialties here and admire the romantic sky and clouds.

5. The famous restaurant in Sapa – Hoang Minh Restaurant.

Sapa Restauants
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Similarly, being a famous restaurant in Sapa specializing in Local Chicken, Salmon and Oxtail hotpot. When coming to Hoang Minh restaurant, visitors can enjoy the famous mountain sapa restaurant menus such as: fried chicken and Grilled chicken, sour soup with tofu meat, Thang Co, Lam rice, deer fried with chili, roasted pork, grilled chicken. All are delicious and attractive right here.

Visitors can visit the address: 23-24, Sapa cuisine range, Sapa, Lao Cai Province to enjoy.

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6. Sapa Moment Romantic Restaurant.

Sapa Restaurants
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Usually gets home-run in tourists’ heart by delicious, attractive dishes and professional staff. This restaurant will make visitors get an unforgettable impression once visiting Moment Romantic Sapa restaurant.

Referring to the famous Sapa restaurants, in particular, Romantic Moment always bright in visitors’s eyes by Sturgeon hotpot, attractive salmon salad or Thang Co, … are all famous specialties of Sapa.

Visitors can find this restaurant at No. 026 Muong Hoa, Sapa, Lao Cai province to enjoy.

7. Sapa Lotus Restaurant.

Sapa Restaurants
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Above all, being one of the famous restaurant, Sapa Lotus is designed according to the unique classic but equally luxurious and cozy architecture. Sapa Lotus will serve visitors many dishes, for example, Sturgeon hotpot, salmon,… Actually, It can not better to enjoy Sapa specialties with a glass of warm wine. Moreover, visitors can visit this restaurant to try breakfast to start a new day in Sapa.

8. La Casa Viet Cuisine – European feature of Sapa Restaurants.

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For European food lovers, you can visit La Casa Viet Cuisine at 14 Cau May, Sapa. Coming to this restaurant, visitors will enjoy delicious and attractive pizza with 2 main types, including: regular pizza and vegetarian pizza.

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9. The Hill Station Signature Restaurant.

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Known as a restaurant “fly” on the top of mountain, The Hill Station Signature is located at No. 037 Fansipan, Sapa. This is a luxurious, classic restaurant with Sapa’s specialty dishes and great cups of coffee.

Besides, visitors can stay in The Hill Station Signature and sip a cup of hot espresso to see the mountain town of Sapa at night.

10. Sapa cuisine restaurant.

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Finally, located in Fansipan View hotel area, when coming to Sapa Cuisine restaurant, visitors will enjoy dishes prepared by skilled chefs and spacious and airy space. It helps diners relax and enjoy Sapa specialties.

Inside the hotel is luxuriously decorated, airy in summer, warm in winter with a brilliant fireplace.

Located at 10 Hoang Dieu, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, visitors can visit this delicious restaurant to enjoy.

In conclusion, that’s all about our sharing to you with this Sapa Restaurants.
with this in mind, hope you will have an excellent journey as your dream!

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