Sapa Harvest Season – Top 9 exotic things to try

Sapa harvest season is coming around the corner with the breathtaking views of golden rice fields which stretch along the highway and those spectacular rice terraces. The scenic scenery attracts a lot of both domestic and foreign visitors. Ready to admire one of the most beautiful seasons in the town? Grab your belongings and set off now.

September – Time of Sapa harvest season:

If you are wondering when the best time to visit Sapa is, September, October and November are the answers. It is the harvest season in the town when the layers of terraced fields are covered with a brilliant yellow color. Sapa Town is like wearing a new coat. In such charming scenery, what should we do to enjoy every moment we have in the town? Keep on exploring Top 9 exotic things to try in Sapa harvest season.

1. Conquer Fansipan Mount – Rooftop of Indochina:

Conquering Fansipan Peak is the desire of many tourists to Sapa. Thanks to the modern Fansipan cable car, visitors will be taken to a height of over 3,100 m with only 15 minutes. More interestingly, in September, visitors conquering Fansipan Peak can also watch the beautiful cloudy yard which appears only in this period. Such an exclusive experience in our Sapa journey.

Fansipan Mount - sapa harvest season
Fansipan Mount – Internet photo

2. See the magnificent terraced fields in Sapa harvest season:

September is the most scenic month of terraced fields in Sapa. The beautiful terraced fields are dressed in bright yellow clothes, signaling it is time for Sapa harvest season. It is the magnificent scene that inspires plenty of photographers to come to the town and create their special photo albums. Many youngsters from cities choose this time to make their own Instagrammable photo shots in their Sapa tour from Hanoi.

Sapa rice terraces
Sapa rice terraces – Internet photo

3. Watch the sunrise and sunset at the top of O Quy Ho Pass:

O Quy Ho Pass is one of the four great passes of the northern mountainous region and is the longest and most beautiful pass in Vietnam. Among the famous landmarks located on the way to Lai Chau, O Quy Ho Pass is an attractive destination that visitors want to be the most, followed by Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall. The feeling of watching sunrise and sunset on the most wonderful pass in Vietnam in the romantic autumn season of September is really alluring experience for tourists.

O Quy Ho Pass
O Quy Ho Pass – Internet photo

4. Admire Silver Waterfall:

Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac) is one of 3 attractive tourist destinations located on the road to Lai Chau, behind O Quy Ho Pass and Love Waterfall. You can hear the thundering sound even when you haven’t reached the waterfall. Standing at the foot of the waterfall, visitors will see one of the majestic beautiful scenery of the northwestern mountain forest. In such moment, people become small among the majestic nature.

Silver Waterfall - sapa harvest season
Silver Waterfall – Photo from Michele Moroni

5. Trek to Lao Chai and Ta Van villages in Sapa harvest season:

September weather is very suitable for tourists to go trekking and admire the golden terraced fields in Lao Chai – Ta Van villages – one of the highlights in Sapa harvest season and popular destinations on a Sapa trekking tour. The feeling of walking between rice fields is very interesting, bringing us peace and serenity and help us forget the troubles in life. Moreover, when discovering these famous villages, we can learn more about the enticing ethnic culture and daily life of the Mong and Red Dao people here.

If this is your first-time trekking, our guides on Trekking Sapa tips can give you a lot of useful suggestions.

Lao Chai Village - sapa harvest time
Lao Chai Village – Photo from Hoang Long

6. Climb Ham Rong Mountain to explore Sapa Town:

Another charming destination in our Sapa journey to discover Sapa harvest season is Ham Rong Mountain. From the top of the mountain, visitors can see the panorama of beautiful Sapa Town, Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa Valley from a short distance.

On the way to Ham Rong mountain, there are many beautiful flowers blooming in September, creating a colorful flower path leading visitor to the summit of Ham Rong.

Ham Rong Mountain - sapa harvest season
Ham Rong Mountain – Photo from wecheckin

7. Sleep at homestay in the village:

Coming to Sapa in September, visitors should not ignore the experience of living in homestay with the ethnic people. The experience brings us closer to the local culture. We will discover their way of life, enjoy the traditional and fine cuisine with a lot of specialties of the northwest region.

Let’s see which yummy Sapa food we can enjoy when visiting the town.

Homestay in Sapa - sapa harvest season
Little View Homestay – Photo from

8. Hunt for cloud at Heaven Gate in September – time for Sapa harvest season:

Heaven Gate is such an ideal place for cloud hunting and taking selfies in Sapa Town. Visitors will admire the majestic northwest natural beauty through golden terraced fields, winding roads on O Quy Ho Pass or gleaming Silver Waterfall. Take your time to head to such an amazing attraction in Sapa harvest season.

Heaven Gate - sapa harvest season
Heaven Gate – Internet photo

9. Wander around Sapa Town:

Just walking around Sapa Town gives us the ample chance to see lots of scenic spots like Sapa Stone Church, the bustling Cau May Street, the colorful local markets where locals trade vegetables, cattle, fowls, hand-made brocades. You can head to these places to shop for some meaningful Sapa souvenirs.

Sapa Stone Church - sapa harvest time
Sapa Stone Church – Internet photo

It comes to the end of August and we are about to welcome Sapa harvest season – the most beautiful time to visit the poetic town. A great news we’d love to share with you is that, we are offering 15% discount for all services in Vietnam from 15th August – 15th September. Apply the discount code: VULAN219 to gain the benefit. You can contact us for instant support:

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Wish you have such a wonderful journey!

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