Sapa Fruit – Special Gifts From Nature

Sapa is greatly favored by nature from mild climate to unique natural landscapes. Thanks to owning the temperature of the mountains that in Sapa can grow the fruits only popular in temperate lands. Visiting Sapa, do not miss the opportunity to get lost in the beautiful purple plum gardens or the fruitless peach gardens … Explore this article to see this which Sapa fruit you can try.

1. Plum (Quả Mận) – Great pink Sapa fruit.

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Namely, Plum of Sapa is not only a famous sweet fruit but also a pride not only of indigenous people. If you miss the season of pristine plum in Sapa, do not miss the season of this fruit in May and June.

Touching Sapa fruit in the summer, you will easily catch the fruitful and red plum garden with a red area of ​​O Quy Ho pass. Just come here from the first moments, though not yet plucked plums. Enjoy their sweet taste, visitors are easily attracted by this “rare hard to find” beauty.

It is better to reward yourself with juicy, succulent plums at the “kingdom of plum” – Sapa. Just need a piece is the sweet taste mixed with the slightly sour. Taste will melt in mouth, extremely interesting.

Especially, just once try. Visitors will surely not be able to refuse to buy a few pounds of plum from only 30,000 VND / kg (~$2) to make a gift to their family and friends.

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2. Peach (Quả Đào).

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Besides plums, in the summer in Sapa, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the smooth, pink peaches.

Peach grow mainly on the slopes, in cold climates without the effects of stimulants so visitors can fully enjoy on the spot. A Sapa peach is quite small in size. But when it comes to maturity. It has a fragrant, sweet and crunchy smell that does not mix with any kind of fruit.

When in the peach season, people sell scattered in the streets in the town, in the gabions. So it is also known as Sapa digging. Just spend from 25,000VND ($1) and you can buy 1 kg of delicious peaches.

3. Apricot Fruit (quả thanh mai) – Different Sapa fruit.

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The name “Thanh Mai” seems to be strange to those who live in the delta. But it is a fairly popular fruit in Sapa, Lao Cai. The apricot fruit is also known as the berries, which grow naturally in the mountains. The harvested quantity of apricot fruits is not much because the people do not intentionally plant to buy and sell. But mainly collect from the forest so you can be assured that there is no preservative.

In March to May every year, people go to harvest apricot fruits and visitors can only buy them at this time.

People often eat this fruit with a mild sour taste. The other way is to soak honey to make syrup, which is good for beauty and cough treatment instead of being used directly.

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4. Granulosa (Quả mắc cọp).

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This is also a fruit in Sapa whose name will surprise you. Granulosa is a famous specialty of Sapa highlands, harvested in September every year.

This fruit has a sweet and slightly acidic taste, delicious food and pear-like fruit. It is popular so it is often purchased as a gift for relatives when going to Sapa.

Granulosa grows in a cold climate on the forest, so the fruit will be quite small. And it will be completely hygienic. With only 20,000 VND, you can buy yourself a scale to wear a tiger for your family.

5. Apple (Quả táo mèo).

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Actually, It is Cat Apple.

Cat apple is a fruit that is mostly looked at in the mountain area and collected by Mong people when going to the forest.

This is the kind of fruit that maybe male like it the most. Because It is taken to soak cat apple cider, which is very good and good for health. In addition, cat apples are also used to make apple cider vinegar, which is very tasty to ensure safety.

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6. Grape (Quả Nho).

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Finally, Sapa specialty fruit that we want to introduce to you is grapes. Sapa grapes are slightly different from grapes in other regions because the fruit is small but the water is sweet. The grape above is like a cat apple, brought by relatives to pick up alcohol. Sapa wine is served to make many guests excited by their delicious taste.

In brief, after reading the article, would you like to have one of these fruits on hand and enjoy it? Quickly set yourself a Sapa trip to enjoy Sapa fruit! Don’t forget to follow and update the latest and useful news about Sapa with us!

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