Sapa winter – What to wear?

sapa winter

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Sapa, a small mountainous town located in Lao Cai Province, is known as the Fanciful Town in Fog. Sapa is beautiful all year for sure, but each season brings different experiences for visitors. If you choose Sapa winter to visit the town, you will have one of the most special feelings ever. The weather is very cold with temperature varying from 5 -10 degrees Celsius, so how to prepare both fashionable and suitable clothes for stunning photos in Sapa? Here are things you should note:

1. Winter jacket

Sapa winter is really cold so you need to prepare warm jacket to protect your body. The types are usually used such as life jackets, overcoats, windbreakers, etc.

jacket - sapa winter

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Due to weather changes in Sapa winter, sometimes appear drizzle so the waterproof coat should be preferred. If you love to explore the new land, you should choose neutral colored and durable jackets and if you want to take shimmering pictures in this beautiful land, colored jackets with fur hat are the right choice for you!

jacket with fur - sapa winter

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2. Dresses / Skirts – for girls to shine in Sapa winter:

Dresses and skirts are things that always appear in almost every girl’s luggage. Not only do they make girls lovelier but also make photos that they take more stunning and beautiful.

woollen dresses - sapa winter

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However, with cold weather and snow in Sapa winter, you should choose long-sleeved and thick skirts to keep your body warm. You can combine them with pants or use a heat shield to prevent colds. Dresses with hot colors will help you stand out from the cold, but be sure to protect your health first! Good health will help you enjoy your Sapa journey to the fullest.

3. Scarfs – an essential item for Sapa winter:

You prepare everything but forget a scarf, it may be a lack!

scarf - essential item for sapa winter

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Scarf is an item that really makes you look fashionable and eye-catching. You should bring thick wool scarfs with ton-sur-ton colors with you outfits. Moreover, it helps keep your neck and nose warm and prevents cold air.

4. Boots/ Shoes – Must-have item in Sapa winter

They are one of the most necessary items, I’m sure. In the winter, sports shoes are suitable for to both men and women.

shoes - must-have item for sapa trekking tour

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As I mentioned above, it may rain and snow, so less watery shoes are high recommended. You should bring 2 pairs to change: 1 for moving and 1 for taking photos. For men, Western or Oxford shoes combined with courteous attire are perfect. These sporty shoes are also necessary for those who love trekking and hiking in Sapa.

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There are many things to remember when traveling and taking photos in Sapa in winter. Here are the most useful tips that we want to give you. It seems that everything is ready now. If you need any instant support, please contact us via our hotline number: +84 9 4161 8080 or via our email: Let’s start heading to Sapa and have a great time then!


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