Places you can not miss in Singapore

To be not only the largest financial center with many skyscrapers, Singapore retained the traditional culture style of immigrants.

The place you can not miss for the first time Singapore

Places you can not miss in Singapore

Tourism Sea Lion park is located in the city center, where the icon of Singapore (the lion head and the fish body). Merlion is a place without tourists missed in the Islands Nation Singapore, even the first place they set foot in. Merlion statue which breathes water from the mouth is made of Fondue cement, the outer fin is made up of porcelain plates, while the eyes are made up of 2 small red cup of tea. From here visitors can admire the famous architectures of the country such as Maria Bay Sands Art Science Museum …


Opposite the Merlion is the Marina Bay Sands hotel one of the most famous and expensive hotel in the world for its extremely unique design. The hotel is designed as three golf stick and placed above is a ship. Released amidst the cool waters of the pool halfway up the sky, enjoy the view of the whole city will be a great experience for any visitor.


Orchard Road is a famous shopping area in Singapore with a series of major trading centers along the street. Most famous brands in the world focus in there. In addition to the centers on both sides of the boulevard, when walking down the buildings, visitors will lost in the maze of the world-renowned fashion shops which are built underground.

Places you can not miss in Singapore

South Bay (the largest coastline garden) is where you will see the giant super impressive trees. This 16-floor garden is used to storage rainwater, produce solar energy and play the role of ventilation ducts for the park’s greenhouse.

Places you can not miss in Singapore

Have come to Singapore, visitors won’t be able to ignore the Chinatown, which not only retains most ancient architectural construction, but also conserve the cultural identity of the Chinese people living here. In there, in addition to souvenir shopping visitors can experience Chinese dishes. Moreover, tourists can visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple temple which is famous for its 4 floors structure in the center of Chinatown.

Places you can not miss in Singapore

Similar to Chinatown, Little India neighborhood Indians also conserve most cultures of Indian, the architecture was built for hundreds of years before they settle down here. Guests not only visit the colorful temple but also enjoy traditional dishes from India.


Art Science Museum of Singapore – is one of the most attractive places for tourists to visit. The museum was built with open lotus flower shape. People always organize many exhibitions there.



Sentosa Island is the largest island in Singapore, It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for visitor to get to this beautiful island from the centre. There many entertainments of Singapore focus in this area. Guests can experience all day without bored at Universal, one of the 4 world largest studio, Aquarium S.E.A. – the world’s largest aquarium, or immerse in the thrill games… In addition visitors can admire the highest Merlion in Singapore. From 37 meters above, visitors can top the statue and enjoy the panoramic view beautiful Sentosa island.



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