One day trip from Hanoi to spend your travel time

The capital of Vietnam is also one of the most ancient capitals in the world. The history of Hanoi is rich, devastating and full of legends. This French-colonial city is a cultural mix of Eastern and Western influence. They are mirrored in the style of many architectural gems in Hanoi. Some of these gems that travelers can discover in a one day trip from Hanoi are remarkably preserved colonial buildings, unique museums, world’s largest mosaic and ancient pagodas. To get away from the chaos of the always-buzzing city life you’re a short drive away in a one day trip from Hanoi to its tranquil countryside where you’ll be surrounded by lush parks, mountains and traditional villages.

1. Go on a free walking tour for your one day trip from Hanoi.

One Day Trip From Hanoi
Hoan Kiem Lake

One of the best ways to get acquainted with any city in the world is to go on a walking tour. Originally developed in Europe. The concept of the free walking tour is to give visitors a general and entertaining introduction to the city, led by enthusiastic locals. We’re very pleased to say that these tours have no made it to Vietnam. And there’s no better way to start your trip in Hanoi than by taking part in one day trip from Hanoi.

Our Hanoi Free Tours last half a day or a full day. And take in some of the best sights around the city. Being guided by a local student, these tours allow you to find the best attractions, restaurants, bars and hidden spots around the city. And really is one of the best things to do in Hanoi.

There’s a bunch of different variations of these Hanoi tours. So whether you’re interested in the French Quarter, the Ho Chi Minh Complex. Or just finding the best street food in the city, these guys have you covered.

2. Wander around Hanoi Old Quarter.

One Day Trip from Hanoi
Hanoi Old Quarter

The Old Quarters are one of the two most well-known districts in Hanoi (the other being the Ba Dinh District). The Old Quarters is a business center and also a very prominent spot among tourists. Typical scene in Hanoi streets are sidewalks teeming with bicycles and scooters. While crowds of people scavenge markets and barter loudly with street vendors.

While exploring Old Quarters you have no choice. But to confront the traffic as a local would do and experience the history on the go. It’s an interesting blend of ancient history (Hanoi celebrated a millennial birthday in 2010) and commercialism. Packed with French colonial architecture, pagodas and Buddhist temples you’ll want to get lost in its streets. The streets carry names of the business that were set up over 1,000 years ago.

You can try to explore a true Hanoi Old Quarter with us in a Hanoi One Day Tour or Hanoi Day Tour.

3. Eat all the food… Seriously!

Vietnam spring rolls

You can’t be researching things to do in Hanoi without thinking about what kind of food you’re going to eat. Well it’s easy – all of it! People know the cuisine for being quite simple in terms of ingredients, and that is one of its charms. The simplicity of the meal and the quality of its ingredients is what makes the dishes exceptional.

Vietnamese food relies on a delicate balance of salty, sweet, sour and hot flavors. It’s almost impossible to walk a block in Hanoi without detecting the smell of food from the street vendor’s DIY stand. Try the Goi Cuon, a spring roll packed with greens. Some type of minced meat (shrimp, crab or pork) and coriander. Usually it’s served with a bowl of lettuce, peanut sauce and mint. If you have a sweet tooth like we do, definitely try the fried bananas, desert soup or caramel pudding.

For trying food, you can do it in our Hanoi Food Tour and Hanoi Street Food Tour.

That’s all we want to share you to have the best One day trip from Hanoi. Remember to apply them in your Hanoi journey!

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