Must – see attractions in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is one of most well-known attractions in Laos. This province of ‘Million Elephant’ country where you can make adventures to see an authentic local life here. With outstanding constructions of traditional cultures, Luang Prabang is deserved to take your time when in Laos.

After visits of Luang Prabang, Laos will reveal you to hidden beauties, which are of many religions fusion.

Some stops on top choice of tourists:

  1. Kuang Si Falls

A place not be missed in Luang Prabang you would like to visit is Kuang Si falls. It’s a natural fall that can get your expectations, worths time, money … to linger a while or a long time. Nothing’s better than overwhelming yourself into the water to cool off after a way trip. You also opt hiking to the top and have a stunning panorama of the falls below. The visit this fall will take you 20000 kip for an amazing day dipping into the blue water.


  1. The Living land company

Visitors usually feel impressed by this farm where you can comfortably smile with the staff and children working on. They will happily tell you process of making rice and guide you to do any step of its. Then, cookers will treat you a great meal of rice products. It’s really delicious. Out of day trip, you can stay here in a hotel and gradually enjoy your trip.


  1. Old Quarter Luang Prabang

There are many things to do in this charming area of Luang Prabang. You can sip great coffee, dine at restaurants, go to shops or take a view of old buildings on the streets. Many people compared it with Hoi An old town in Vietnam with many small and alluring houses along the street. It’s great when wander the streets with not traffics, quite safe and comfort yourself in the such healthy atmosphere. Sometimes, you can catch the view of monks walking like this the street:

old-quarter- luang prabang

  1. Elephant village

Lastly, take a visit to elephant village. It would be an excellent experience. Elephants are so cute and fun when you play with or even more feed them. The exciting feeling of ride an elephant will not make you scare at all. A lively creature, not an automotive takes you across water and quite obedient. They are really well treated and taken good cares of. So enjoyable!


  1. Wat xieng Thong

Here is a famous monastery of Luang Prabang, the highlights of pagoda visits. Its roofs sweep low to the floor and it exists many paintings on the facade a stunning tree of life on the western wall of its. Surrounding the temple, there are a few stupas and three chapel halls. All are very beautiful. For the reason of its uniqueness of gorgeous city temple (with golden work art on the walls), Wat Xieng Thong should well preserved to insprire many others artists. Also, Its good location will ease you to go around and continually discover more stranges


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