Mrauk U in Myanmar – Forgotten ‘Paradise’

To be the 2nd largest Buddhist center after Bagan, however Mrauk U in Myanmar is not known to many visitors.

Discover Mrauk U in Myanmar – Forgotten ‘Paradise’

Mrauk U archaeological city located near the Western border is the second largest temple center in Myanmar, only after Bagan. Temples here are built of brick and stone, unlike the temples of brick and clay mud in Bagan.


Mrauk U in Myanmar


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In here you will be able to admire the temples built with bricks, still remains since the 15th century, nestled in the hills and behind small villages. Specifically, you will feel like this place is a land of myth, because of the haze that covered the city in the morning. You can also visit the riverside village to experience the feeling of more enjoyable adventure.





The typical temples in Mrauk U that you can visit, are the Shite-Thaung, Htukkanthein, Koe-Thaung, Andaw-thein, Lemyethna, Ratana … Among them the most monumental and significantly archaeological pagoda is  Shite-Thaung Pagoda.





Experiencing the ups and downs of history, the effects of nature, many in Mrauk U temples are gradually serious damage. However, with thousands of Buddha statues and countless Buddhist architecture with bold colors of India immersed in fanciful smog, Mrauk U will make any tourists come here also feel like losing in a real fairy garden.

Local school of villager in Mrauk U in Myanmar


In Mrauk U, everything seems old and quaint, especially when this city was forgotten for a long time. Therefore, you will feel desolate and lonely, but do not worry the fun of a mystery adventure is waiting for you to be discovered!

An old relic in Mrauk U in Myanmar



To find Mrauk U you can catch bus from Mandalay, however, before going, you should carefully prepare coats, masks and sunglasses if you do not want to be clogged with dust along the way.


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