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Mekong Delta day tour
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Mekong Delta tour half day? For more specific, I would like to call it “Mekong Delta in a half day”. If you think it is impossible to join a tour in Mekong Delta within half day, you should read this article carefully to know what will you get in a this kind of tour.

1. Why is Mekong Delta tour half day?

Firstly, a person do not have so much time to explore anywhere in my business trip in Sai Gon. After a long time thinking, I decided to discover Mekong Delta just for half day. It’s a little bit rush to travel in a half of day. But trust me, I visited and saw many things there like floating market, fish farm and also tried tasty tropical fruit. Therefore, why don’t you move and explore Mekong Delta in half day like me.

2. What should you prepare for this kind of travel?

2.1. Prepare well in the previous night.
Mekong Delta day tour
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You know preparation for a journey is very important, even it’s short or not, because you can’t predict what will happen. So, prepare your backpack and check it carefully with a check-list for not forget anything and help yourself have a great trip in the next day.

With a location like Mekong Delta, it’s really hot and easy to rain suddenly. You should bring some essential travel items beside your mobile phone and cash. Like sun-cream, power bank, umbrella, hand-held fan, hat, comfortable clothes and shoes, especially a full water bottle.

2.2. Check the itinerary.

If you choose to join a half tour of any travel agency, you can check easily itinerary with your guider. In contrast, If you plan to travel by yourself, you should find out travel experience of others to Mekong Delta and sum it up to be your most ideal Mekong Delta travel itinerary.

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There are many destinations in Mekong Delta for the most interesting trip, so set your own itinerary which fit for your situation.

2.3. Wake up early in d-day.

Because it takes more than 3 hours to move from Sai Gon city to Mekong Delta. If you want to visit more places, you definitely be soon in the morning to pick the early bus to Mekong Delta.

3. Mekong Delta – How to do it right?

3.1. When to visit Mekong Delta?
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My answer for you is all the year. The weather of this place is almost the same in the whole year. Even it rains or not, you can still visit many interesting local destinations.

If you visit Mekong Delta in Vietnam Lunar New Year (around January or February), It will be a great chance for you to see the true local life when local people prepare for the most special occasion of the year with beautiful decoration.

In case of your travel time is in Summer, you will be enjoyed a huge paradise of yummy tropical fruits. And if you visit Mekong Delta in the end of year, there are many kind of seafood will waiting for you, which is brought by flood.

3.2. How to get to Mekong Delta from Sai Gon?
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There are three ways to move by Bus, Motorbike and private car.

With bus and private car, you can set your destination in somewhere on land, then reach Mekong Delta by going across the river by a local boat. Price for this kind of transportation can be from ~ $5 (for bus) to $95 (for private car).

For more convenient, you can book a transfer of GoAsiaDayTrip to be taken carefully with funny drivers. On the other hand, if you travel by a motorbike, you can bring it to a big ferry together with you.

4. Mekong Delta day tour – what to do?

4.1. Be a local with floating life.

I think I need to repeat that your outing to the Mekong Delta won’t be finished that you don’t take a seat on a limited watercraft and oar your way down the stream under fronds of palm trees. While making various stops along the waterway at homes of those selling dried natural products or sweet.

Mekong Delta day tour
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Life here is abundantly lived by or close to the water. Houses are based on stilts so as to withstand the floods that happen consistently. Ships can convey individuals, vehicles, and nourishment, markets are not hung ashore. But rather on pontoons and as opposed to strolling from slow down to slow down. You will paddle your way through the stream or stroll on boards adjusted between two water crafts to purchase sustenance. It is entirely simple to discover a vessel to enable you to investigate the region once you land at one of the regions in the district.

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Floating markets are very important in the local life so it explains why there are many floating markets here, especially 6 markets below:

  • Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho Province
  • Phong Dien floating market, Can Tho Province
  • Cai Be floating market, Tien Giang Province
  • Nga Bay floating market, Hau Giang Province
  • Nga Nam floating market, Soc Trang Province
  • Tran On floating market, Vinh Long Province

These floating markets open very early in the morning (around 4 AM – 6 AM). So be sure you can be there on time to join it.

4.2. Trying Mekong Delta specialties.
Mekong Delta day tour
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What would it be a good idea for you to eat in the Mekong Delta? It is so difficult to respond to this inquiry that there are such a large number of indulgences. Giving 70% of the organic product expended all through Vietnam, what other place in the nation can fulfill your natural product needing other than the Mekong Delta? There are twelve various types of tropical organic products that are become. Here so it’s somewhat unreasonable to show them everything except here are a couple of: pomelo, orange, coconut, water coconut, mango, star apple, pineapple, longan natural product, rambutan, jackfruit, mangosteen, soursop, plum, banana, mythical beast organic product, and durian. Presently I feel exhausted. Coincidentally, you can even eat these straight from the tree on the off chance that you visit a nearby plantation.

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Moreover, you must-try these local foods which you can’t find anywhere. They are Fish noodle soup (Bun Ca), Snakehead fish thick noodle soup (Banh Canh Ca Loc), Sa Dec or My Tho noodle soup (Hu Tieu My Tho / Sa Dec). Also Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo), Salted fish hot pot (Lau Mam), Mud roasted chicken (Ga nuong bun),… And if you want to challenge your mouth, you can try Coconut worms (Duong dua).

4.3. Visit some sights.

These are six of the most famous temples in the Mekong Delta for your reference:

  • Vinh Trang temple, Tien Giang Province
  • Truc Lam Phuong Nam Temple, Can Tho Province
  • Doi temple (Bat temple), Soc Trang Province
  • Kh’leang temple, Soc Trang Province
  • Khmer Pothisomron temple, Can Tho Province
  • Phat Lon temple (Giant Budha temple), An Giang Province.
Mekong Delta day tour
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Another interesting activity to do here is to sit on a xe loi (motorbike truck) and investigate the zone. Since the roads here are narrow to the point that vehicles can’t fit, xe loi’s are the primary transport here. Taking one and riding through the labyrinth of paths and limited walkways while guarding your head from the low hanging branches is a totally fun encounter. Southern Folk Songs (Don ca tai tu) will be a rousing movement for you. This unique sort of Vietnamese music is a workmanship that mirrors the nearby existence of the Southerners. Through melody, local people will disclose to you their story, their considerations, and feelings.

4.4. Experience net fishing.
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What other place would you be able to go net fishing if not in the Mekong Delta stream tributaries? The many brooks and normally framed lakes are simply ideal for a series of angling. You can either sit on the keep money with your angling pole bar, trusting that your lunch will get snared on your draw – or you can get sloppy! Fold your pants up and get into the water with endless different local people doing likewise.

That’s all what I experienced in Mekong Delta tour in a half day. You can think it’s impossible for me to do all of them, but I did it all by utilizing my time, for example trying local foods when I was visiting floating markets.

Hope you will have a great trip in Mekong Delta. In case you want to join a tour which is planned carefully, I have a suggestion that you should choose Mekong Delta tour from agencies, you will be taken care more details and see more things.

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