How many airports in Hanoi?

How many airports in Hanoi and Everything You Need to Know About Hanoi International Airport. Do you feel so curious about this to prepare for your next trip to Hanoi? All you need about Hanoi Airports is in your hand!

How many airports in Hanoi


There are 4 airports in Hanoi – the capital and one of the biggest cities of Vietnam. They are: Bach Mai airport, Gia Lam airport, Hoa Lac airport, and Noi Bai airport. But among them, Gia Lam airport and Hoa Lac airport serve military service, do not serve civil flight any more. Bach Mai Airport has ceased operations in recent years. There is only Noi Bai is an international airport.


How many airports in Hanoi
Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai International Airport (airport code: HAN) is the second largest transportation center in Vietnam, just behind Tan San Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. It is about 27 km from Hanoi city center and takes about 40 minutes’ drive from the Hanoi city center. Besides, with an area of 139,216m2, the airport receives an average of about 20 million passengers a year.

Noi Bai airport has 2 terminals. Terminal 1 (T1) serves domestic flights. Terminal 2 (T2) serves international flights. The two terminals stand about half a mile apart – if you’re transferring from a domestic flight to an international one, or vice-versa, take the travel time between terminals into account. A shuttle bus regularly services the gap between the two.

Both of the terminals have four floors fully armed with modern and professional services such as restaurants, duty-free shops, transportation to Hanoi, free wifi, and massage services.

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Terminal 1 included:

  • First floor: Arrival domestic passenger
  • Second floor: Departure domestic passenger
  • Third floor: Offices
  • Fourth floor: Restaurants, cafes and massage services.

Terminal 2 included:

  • First floor: Arrival international passenger
  • Second floor: Immigration arrival international passenger
  • Third floor: Departure international passenger
  • Fourth floor: VIP, business lounge, and airlines representative office

To begin with, if this is your first time to Hanoi, Vietnam, this article How many airports in Hanoi will help you cover all you need to know about Noi Bai International Airport. Expect to find a step-by-step check-in and check-out procedure, what to eat, where to shop, facilities of the airport and how to travel from the airport to the city center.

1. Check – in and Check – out procedure

Noi Bai International Airport Arrivals

First of all, there are 4 steps away to enter Vietnam:

– Quarantine and immigration check

– Baggage claim

– Customs inspection

– Arrival hall

Upon arrival at Noi Bai Airport, you have to go to the Immigration area. A VOA desk (Visa on Arrival desk) is available if you need to pick up your visa. All you have to do is fill in the form and hand them your passport. It takes about 15 – 25 minutes to get your passport back with the visa stamped inside. After that, let go to the baggage claim. Keep your baggage stub after collecting your luggage as the attendants will check to make sure you have the correct luggage. Then, you will pass through the Customs Inspection.

ATMs and a currency exchange counter are located on the right-hand side when you passed through customs. If you have not changed to local currency, it’s time to get some, so that you can make some payments if needed.


You should go through the visa application process before immigration. And make sure that you get both a signed visa and a signed date stamp next to your visa in your passport.

Noi Bai International Airport Departures

Noi Bai Airport

When you arrive at Noi Bai International Airport you enter through the 3rd floor of T2 terminal. Then, your luggage will be screened before you head to the international check in counters. After checking in, go through to the Immigration area on the left. After passport control there is one more security check point before you enter the Departures Lounge.

To sum up, there are 6 steps away to depart:

  • Enter departure hall on the third floor of T2 terminal
  • Present air ticket and personal documents
  • Present boarding pass and personal documents at immigration check
  • Security check and custom clearance
  • Check boarding gate and board your flight

2. What to eat

What to eat in Noi Bai international airport

There are cafeterias and restaurants on all floors of the terminal building. As with most airports, they can be very pricey. However, these are good options if you have a connecting flight or a little time before your departure. To tell the truth, all places have 24/7 service, free wifi, and outlets to charge your phone or laptop.

There are some cafeterias and restaurants for you to choose: Burger King, Bamboo Cafe & Fastfood, Fresh Garden, BigBowl, … You can easily find them on the floors of both terminals.

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3. Where to shop and duty free

How many airports in Hanoi
Noi Bai Airport

There are quite a few souvenir shops, duty free shops, and small department stores. You can find a good selection of alcohol, perfumes, art products, handcrafts from Vietnam, textile products, and clothes. All of them is for you to buy your last-minute gift for your friends or yourself. But remember, these products are much expensive in the airport. Unless you really need last-minute gifts, we advise you not to buy them in the airport.

You can find them in the 1st and 3rd floor of T2 or Departure lounge (second floor) – Hall A and B of T1.

4. Activities/Facilities

Free Wifi: The wifi’s name is: “NoiBai Airport Free Wi-fi.” Then, you need to login page. Finally, fill in the form or click “Access” to connect to the wifi. The wi-fi system will occasionally reset. If this happens, just re-login.

Free water: Hanoi airport has a free water service in every terminal.

Free chargers: In addition to free internet connection and free water, each terminal has provided ten chargers for regular phones, as well as outlets for those who want to use a laptop.

Children Playground and Baby Care Room: Children’s playground in T2 terminal, near gate 33 of the departure lounge. If you are looking for a clean and tidy place to change diapers for your kids, you can look for baby care room on the West Wing of the third flood at T2.

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5. How to travel from the airport to the city center

In fact, Noi Bai airport is about 27 km from Hanoi city center and takes about 40 minutes’ drive. There are 4 transportation options to get to the city center:


Your phone has to set grab app – a car booking platform and connects with wifi or 3G/4G. The app also displays the route and price so I don’t have to worry about taxi scams. Furthermore, the price is cheaper in comparison with traditional taxi, about 11-12$ from airport to the Old Quarter.


Taxis are right in front of the Arrivals exit gate. Drivers charge a fixed price of 12-20$, including toll fees. Make sure to look out for one that has the driver’s photo, name and license number clearly displayed for avoiding Taxi scams. Remember ask the driver the price first before come into the car and using the google map to make sure the driver take the correct way to your hotel. But still be careful with Taxi scams in Vietnam.

In addition, Mai Linh taxi (the green cab) and Vinasun taxi are two trustworthy brands in Vietnam.


How many airports in Hanoi
Bus of Noi Bai Airport

The bus is the cheapest way to get to Hanoi from the airport, but also the most crowded and the one that takes the most time. The Hanoi city bus services No.07, No.90, No.86 and No.17 depart from the arrivals terminal between 05:00 and 22:00. Bus 07 and 09 bus takes you to Kim Ma bus station while No.17 stops at Long Bien bus station and No.86 stops at Hanoi Train Station. In contrast, buses do not allow heavy luggages. If you have over-sized luggage, you may not be allowed on the bus. If you want to be dropped-off on the way, just show the staff on the bus your destination and ask them for your stop.

How many airports in Hanoi
Noi Bai Airport

A one-way trip costs VND 9,000. Buses is always full of people, so you might have to stand for an hour during the trip. I advise you should not take bus if you do not know the way in Hanoi well.


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Hope that this article: How many airports in Hanoi helped you to know all things you need for arranging a flight before visit Vietnam.

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