Holy bath in sacred Empul Pura Tirta temple in Bali

Holy bath in sacred Empul Pura Tirta temple in Bali

In the pearl island Bali (Indonesia), in addition to beautiful beaches, typical dishes, it also has Empul Pura Tirta temple with holy bath ritual unique, attracts many foreign tourists.


Pura Tirta Empul temple is located at Tampaksiring about 20km far from Ubud town – Bali’s center. Visitors can travel by taxi or rent a motorbike to come here.

Holy bath in sacred Empul Pura Tirta temple in Bali

Here, There is a pond, containing holy water colored in blue, the water here is so clear that people can see the sediments and tree moss below.

Holy bath in sacred Empul Pura Tirta temple in Bali

Right behind the holy pond is the Pura Tirta Empul temple.


School of fish with different colors


People often pray at the ancient trees in front of the shrine.


Legend has it that this Hindu temple was built in 10th century, is one of the most sacred temple in Bali, surrounded by a stream flowing all year-round. Water from the stream flows through a sediment holy pond, bubbling water and from there flows into two large rectangular pool through the carved fountain picky.

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Before entering the temple, each visitor is given a sarong to wrap the person. Tickets are 15 RP / person (about $1.36).


If you want to soak into this pool, and wash yourself, visitors can rent a deposit cabinet and other rent a sarong to the pool. Sarong which is borrowed from the porch have to be take off when you enter the water. Balinese people believe that bathing in the temple will help wash, purify their soul, to bring health and luck. For the visitors, there will be a pleasant experience about traditional culture characteristic of the people of Indonesia.


The holy water in the pond is always glassy. Guests can step on the gravel is laid on the bottom of the pool and immerse in the cool waters.

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