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How did your day pass? Be on your university in the morning? Be home, eating, internet and sleeping in the evening? Bonding with your friends, having a cup of coffee or reading books at library at the weekend? Actually, can you get bored and want to do something you haven’t thought of? I will help you have an interesting weekend, completely different from your other. It is exploring Hanoi tourist spots which you missed for a long time.

1. Best time to explore Hanoi tourist spots.

Hanoi tourist spot
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Weather in Hanoi is divided into 4 distinct seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter, each season has its own unique beauty that is not like any season, you can experience it in a Hanoi One Day Tour.

Firstly, in the spring, with small long lasting bouts of buying, warm weather creates conditions for plants to grow and germinate. Summer with the weather is quite sultry, in return you will hear the ticking ticks extremely interesting.

Fall is a season of clear sky, with slightly cold weather, cool, pleasant feeling, very suitable for walking. So you can choose this season as the best time to travel Hanoi.

Finally, winter in Hanoi is quite dry and cold, sometimes the climate temperature can drop to below 10 degrees celsius. So you should pay attention to bring warm clothes if traveling to Hanoi at this time.

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2. Transportation to admire Hanoi tourist spots easily.

Hanoi tourist spots
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There are many kinds of transportation moving to Hanoi such as: Motorcycles, bus, airplanes, trains … You can rely on the position you like and your conditions to travel.

  • Motorcycles and private cars: Suitable for those who are travelling outside Hanoi or in the surrounding areas.
  • Buses: Hanoi is the center of the North, so do not worry to choose this way to move to Hanoi.
  • Train: This is the best choice for who are in faraway from Hanoi, like Southern province or Center of Vietnam.
  • Airplane: If you have economic conditions and want to save time traveling to Hanoi, you can use airplanes. Flights to Hanoi often landed at Noi Bai International Airport, about 20km from Hanoi city center. From the airport, you can catch a taxi to go to the city center for about 200,000 VND. Otherwise, you can go by a bus to move to Hanoi city center.
  • On one hand, you can choose to move by private transfer service from GoAsiaDayTrip for the most comfortable moving to Hanoi.

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3. Details itinerary.

Since your travel time in Hanoi is short, it is necessary to start from early to have more time to explore Hanoi. Depending on the destination you travel to, it’s about 6 hours to see all outstanding Hanoi tourist spots.

3.1. Morning.
  • 6 AM: Firstly, when you arrive at Hoan Kiem Lake, let’s find a delicious traditional bread of Hanoi to enjoy great taste of Hanoi breakfast. After eating, you can visit the café or iced tea to enjoy the life of the people of Hanoi. After that, come the hotel which you chose on Booking.com or Agoda to rest for a night.
Hanoi tourist spots
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  • 8 AM: You continue on your way to visit Mausoleum. However, remember to send the car before visiting. However, the opening time of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum from Monday to Friday. So you need to pay attention to time. In case of you travel to Hanoi on weekends, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is not open, you can go to the One Pillar Pagoda, located right behind the Mausoleum and take the souvenir pictures here are also great.
Hanoi tourist spots
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  • 9 AM: After visiting Mausoleum, go to Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam nearby, only 1km from Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Should be very convenient for moving. If you don’t know the way, ask the people around here to get more specific directions. Then you visit quickly, then visit Tran Quoc Pagoda (Located 2.5 km from Lang). This is the oldest and most famous temple in Hanoi.
  • 10.30 AM: Leaving Tran Quoc Pagoda. Your next destination is West Lake, about 4km away to enjoy the fresh natural space, with the beautiful scenery of the lake is also very attractive.
  • 12 PM: Get more energy with a delicious lunch of Bun Cha, a traditional dish of Hanoi. The best choice for you is Bun Cha on Le Van Huu Street.
Hanoi tourist spots
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3.2. Afternoon and Evening:

You will have many destinations to visit in noon for Hanoi tourist spots.

  • 13h30 PM: you get on the bus and visit the Ethnographic Museum in Nguyen Van Huyen Street (Cau Giay) to have the opportunity to explore and learn about the history of Vietnamese people.
  • 15 PM: You go back to Sword Lake to take a walk, walk and enjoy a lot of delicious and attractive dishes. Then you go to Old Quarter to discover the bustling street life in Hanoi.
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  • 17:30 PM: Go back to the hotel, have dinner, then take a rest to be ready for explore time in the evening.
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  • 20 PM: If you travel to Hanoi on a weekend, you can visit the night market, located near Sword Lake. Here, immerse yourself in the lively, bustling night life and shop for handmade or some Second hand items. Besides, there are still many stalls selling clothes, cosmetics, accessories … for your shopping pleasure. After shopping, you can go up to Long Bien Bridge and drink lemon tea right on the bridge (do your lemon tea in a Hanoi Cooking Class is also a great idea), or you can also drink lemon tea at the Cathedral Street is also great.

In conclusion, hopefully with the information of these Hanoi tourist spots. I can help you have a fun and memorable trip ever.

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