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Hanoi capital – heart of Vietnam, the place to keep the essence of the nation. Hanoi is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes but also for its delicious, unmistakable food. Therefore, once you come to Hanoi, you must definitely “make friends” with the cuisine here. Here, we will offer TOP 10 dishes you have to try to build you Hanoi food blog.

1. Pho – the first thing must eat of Hanoi food blog.

Hanoi food blog
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Firstly, Pho is a popular breakfast dish of Vietnamese people but now visitors can enjoy in the shops that are open until night. Bone broth is added with anise and cinnamon to enhance the flavor of Pho. Meat, noodles, herbs and onions are chopped up. After eating a reasonable, plentiful and flavorful bowl of pho, you will understand why this dish is so popular in Hanoi.

Suggested addresses: Pho Bat Dan (No. 49 Bat Dan) and Pho 10 (No. 10 Ly Quoc Su).

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2. Banh Mi.

Hanoi food blog
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Next, Banh Mi is a combination of two French and Southeast Asian cuisine. Including how to use of French-origin baguettes with crispy shells, soft cores, cut along bread to add meat, pate, cucumber, pickled vegetables, coriander and chili sauce.

Suggested addresses: Banh Mi 25 (No 5 Hang Ca), Banh Mi 35 (No. 35, Thai Thinh Street).

3. Banh Cuon – Ideal strange food of Hanoi food blog.

Hanoi food blog
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Banh Cuon made from thinly coated rice flour then added with minced pork, ear fungus and dried onions. In details, people serve this food with a bowl of sauce made from fish sauce, lemon, sugar and some water. Actually, this is another popular breakfast dish of Vietnamese people but diners can also buy and enjoy it anytime of the day.

Suggested address: Traditional rice cake (12 Hang Ga), Banh Cuon Gia An (many subsidiaries).

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4. Bun Cha.

Hanoi food blog
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Once selecting your seat, you can see right on the table with enough herbs, lemon garlic chili. Afterwards, serve it to a hot roll of spring rolls, with a vermicelli and a delicious barbecue. Especially, all ingredients are fresh, plentiful and affordable to travelers, like to explore local cuisine.

Suggested addresses: Bun Cha Dac Kim (No. 1 Hang Manh), Bun Cha Huong Lien (No. 24 Le Van Huu).

5. Bun rieu.

Hanoi food blog
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To illustrate, this is an ideal mixture soup for all meals in Vietnam.

This dish stands out with tomato sauce and crab flavor. The vendor uses small vermicelli, fried tofu, a variety of herbs and broth to cook from crab. Diners can use fresh chili peppers depending on taste. You can try to do this wonderful dish in a Hanoi cooking class.

Suggested address: Bun riêu cua (11 Hoan Kiem Lake).

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6. Egg coffee (Cà Phê trứng) – outstanding soft drink of Hanoi food blog.

Hanoi food blog
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Right from the name of this drink has evoked the curiosity of diners but also describes the main material to make it: eggs and coffee. Although not a coffee enthusiast, go to Hanoi, try egg coffee once, maybe change your taste. The recipe for egg coffee has been available for many years, with the main ingredients being chicken eggs, sugar, condensed milk and robusta coffee. Eggs beat with sugar at the same time to create a foamy layer like ice cream.

Suggested address: Giang Coffee (No. 39 Nguyen Huu Huan).

7. Banh xeo.

Hanoi food blog
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To explain, “Xeo” in the name of the cake is “sizzling” when pouring rice flour on a hot pan as a cake. Banh Xeo made from rice flour, water, turmeric and kernels are pork, shrimp, fresh onions and bean sprouts.

Suggested address: Banh xeo Zon (number 25, Lo Su), many Banh Xeo stalls in Doi Can Street.

8. Cha Ca (Grilled Fish).

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Cha Ca is a typical fried fish dish of the Hanoi people. It is indispensable to turmeric and dill when processing. Fish is marinated with spices before putting on a hot pan at the table with fresh noodles. When the cooked fish is picked out, eat it with vermicelli, onion and dill, add some shrimp sauce to increase the flavor

Suggested address: Cha Ca Thang Long (No. 31 Duong Thanh).

9. Pho Cuon & Pho Chien Phong – Perfect couple of Hanoi food blog.

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Stir fry noodles with beef and vegetables. This is a variation of pho because the main ingredients are the same but the processing is completely different. Another variation of pho is noodle soup, big noodle cake wrapped inside is beef, herbs, lettuce … Both dishes are attractive not only to Hanoi but also to foreign tourists.

Suggested address: Pho cuon Huong Mai (No. 25 Ngu Xa).

10. Chè (Sweet gruel).

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This is a dessert made of chopped fruits, pearls, tender coconut, red beans or black beans adding shaved ice, coconut milk and condensed milk. The food is fresh and cool because of many different fruits, ideal for ending the “food tour” of tourists in Hanoi.

Suggested address: Hoa Beo (no. 17 To Tich).

Consequently, with this Hanoi food blog, hope you will have a full delicious taste to bring to your hometown, which you could not forget in your whole life.

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