Halong Bay trip from Hanoi – Fast and furious trip

How to have a Halong Bay trip from Hanoi? Which hotel should you stay at? Where to go and what to eat? … How to save costs and time but still have the best a Halong Bay trip from Hanoi? GoAsiaDayTrip would like to share with you some of Ha Long’s travel experiences from Hanoi for your trip.

1. Halong Bay – One of new seven Wonders of the World.

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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Ha Long Bay is a World natural heritage recognized by UNESSCO. It is likened to “A huge vivid water picture”. An invaluable gift that nature bestows on Quang Ninh in particular and Vietnam’s tourism industry in general.

Atmosphere of Ha Long is very fresh. The scenery is beautiful and the seafood is also delicious with many specialties. Generally, going to Ha Long, you will feel great.

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2. Which is the best time for a Halong Bay trip from Hanoi?

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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Choosing time to travel Ha Long is also very important, affecting your trip. Foreign tourists often prefer to go in winter, starting from November until Lunar New year. Because winter is their holiday. The rest is scattered all year round.

Specifically , the most beautiful time in Ha Long is in the autumn, from August to October. In addition, from April to May, Ha Long Bay is also very stunning.

WOW, Halong Bay is very beautiful, right? You will fall in love with Halong Bay 3 days 3 nights to Tuan Chau Island for sure!

In truth, autumn in Ha Long Bay is very peaceful. Time from September to November in Ha Long is always sunny and glowing. The weather is still cool.

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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However, if you travel Ha Long in June or July, there are often typhoons pouring into the Northern Vietnam. In particular, it rains, the landscape on the bay will be more gloomy. Especially, It seems impossible to allow cruise to take tourists to the bay and sleep at night on the bay.

3. Necessary travel items for Halong Bay trip from Hanoi.

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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Above all, clothes, sunscreen, medicine, swimwear, shoes …. are the things you need to prepare for your trip, such as:

  • Ha Long has famous beaches. So you should use sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Do not forget to bring a pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of cardboard for ease of travel.
  • Swimwear
  • Definitely, a camera for pretty photo shoots.

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4. Moving to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi.

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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170km from Hanoi, time to move to Ha Long is about 3-4 hours by car. To get to Ha Long from Hanoi, you can go by:

  • Cars: Cars to Ha Long often gather at My Dinh and Luong Yen bus stations. The first trip departs at 6:00 am and the last one at 17:00 PM. Trips are between 5-15 minutes to Bai Chay bus station in Ha Long. Fares range from 100k / person (seats) and 200k / person (lying bed).
  • Motorbike: you can search on Google map or Map on Iphone to check the way. Be careful with your driving skill and watch out the police man.
Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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  • Train: You can choose HALONG EXPRESS tourist train departing from Gia Lam station. Taking about 5 hours to Ha Long, cost 100.000 VND (~ $4) for per way.
  • Other great choice for you is choosing Private transfer service of GoAsiaDayTrip to easy move with affordable price.

5. Moving in Ha Long.

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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Firstly, it is taxi. It is really convenient and easy to call a taxi to move.

Secondly, for visiting the bay, you can rent a cruise if you travel with family or friends. Or pay for or sit on a simple ship to admire Ha Long Bay to have the best Halong bay day tour.

6. Where to stay in a Halong Bay trip from Hanoi?

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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In fact, motels or hotels are concentrated mainly in Vuon Dao Street. Room costs from VND 250,000 (~ $10) or more. Moreover, there are many delicious restaurants around this area with reasonable prices. Some of them are: Halong Palace Hotel, Muong Thanh Hotel, Novotel,…

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7. Great cuisine in Ha Long.

Basically, when traveling to Ha Long, must mention to seafood. Besides, you will also enjoy specialties of Ha Long, which is extremely attractive.

Halong Bay trip from Hanoi
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  • Cu Ky: Its name sounds strange. Cu Ky is similar to crab but 3 times bigger and the price is much more expensive. But when you finish eating, you still want to try it again.
  • Be Be: It has a shrimp-like shape but more legs. Thus, it is a favorite dish of tourists when coming to Ha Long.
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  • Sa Sung: It is shaped like earthworms. Usually dried, eaten with alcohol. On the other hand, they also cook it be a soup with a sweet and fragrant taste. Sa Sung is quite rare, so the price is very high. One kilogram is charged at nearly 4 million VND (~ $170)
  • Squid: In Ha Long can not forget to mention squid, you can buy at the market to have hot and delicious squids.

Furthermore, Ha Long has many other specialties which you must try like: Nem chua, Nem chao,…

8. Where to go in Ha Long?

You have a lot of different choices of places such as sightseeing excursion boats, exploring the bay, vacationing at resorts, admiring the islands, visiting fishing villages … Below are suggestions of places in Ha Long you can refer to:

  • Small islands: Ong Island, Trong Mai Island, Dragon Island,… There are many ways to reach these islands, you can choose a tour to be served perfectly in the whole journey.
  • Bai Chay beach: awesome for BBQ parties.
Photo by mapduong
  • Tuan Chau Island: the most beautiful island of Ha Long.
  • Sung Sot Cave and Bo Hon Island.
  • Yen Tu Area: If you would like to discover religion, pagoda or temple of Vietnam.
  • Cua Dai Fishing Village.
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  • Sun World Ha Long Park: There are many play area for you to choose with the price from 200.000 VND – 350.000 VND (~ $5 – $8). Opening time from 9.00 AM – 22.30 PM.

9. What to buy as presents from Ha Long Bay trip from Hanoi?

  • Dried seafood: This is a special specialty when traveling in Ha Long. The main dishes are grilled squid, dried squid, sunny squid, dried fish, dried shrimps, all kinds of withered fish (mackerel, snapper …).
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  • Souvenirs: specifically made from marine shells and coal. Being sold at Hon Gai souvenir shops or at Ha Long night market. Souvenirs with “extremely” prices are those with wood materials, pearl mosaics, pearls, shells, snails …. However, remember to bargain “hardly”

Finally, hope you will have a great Ha Long Bay trip from Hanoi with these information from GoAsiaDayTrip!

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