Halong Bay facts – What you wanna know?

Halong Bay – one of the 7 new natural wonders of the World. It has been recognized by UNESCO many times as a natural heritage of the world. Like thousands of islands made by the wonderful and lively creation. In truth, Halong also contains many other interesting things. If you are curious, let’s find out Halong Bay facts through this article!

1. Halong Tourism – One of great Halong Bay facts.

Halong bay facts
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Ha Long Bay of Quang Ninh Province has always been proud of the interesting things. An unexplored natural mystery along with high-class marine services and different landscapes. You can believe that there is no place in Vietnam that can provide such wonderful experiences in just 1-2 days like in Halong Bay.

Halong bay facts
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If you want to take a tour to Halong, you can choose best one day Halong Bay tour , departing from Hanoi. Especially, this tour includes organization costs, accommodation services, meals, transportation, train tickets to the cave … Therefore, it is extremely comfortable and convenient.

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2. Outstanding scenery for King Kong 2.

Halong bay facts
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In March 2016, producers of King Kongong 2 had found an attractive location for their film project. Then, Halong Bay and Trang An were chosen.

Just be calm and watch this blockbuster. You will definitely want to pack your belongings and immerse yourself in beautiful islands. White sand beaches or fantastically limestone mountains of Halong Bay. Not only Halong Bay, but also Halong city is a paradise with modern entertainment. They are truly an ideal and addictive destination for tourists.

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Halong bay facts
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Therefore, Ha Long City has received huge investments for development. Especially: Sun World Ha Long Park. If you want to visit Halong Bay, do not forget to use Private Transfer service from GoAsiaDayTrip.

3. A “rich” Seafood paradise.

Halong bay facts
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There is no place in Vietnam that has such a good seafood resource as in Ha Long. Let’s take a moment to enjoy this “treasures from heaven” of Ha Long. Although cruises always provide the best seafood party for diners, just try on the land in a few days. Certainly, you will have memorable experiences of local cuisine, both quantity and quality.

Halong bay facts
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Some specialties of Ha Long can be mentioned as: squid, sea crab, vermicelli, peanut, scallop …

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4. Another Halong Bay facts – The best weather to travel Ha Long?

Halong bay facts
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Some people think that the best time to visit Ha Long is from October to April. But, according to experience tourists, this is not really true.

Ha Long Bay has two distinct seasons: hot season (May – September) and cold season (October – April). In the summer, heavy rains will affect boat trips, therefore, travel companies often recommend tourists to come here in the winter.

Halong bay facts
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However, many people believe that cold weather will affect their health. So when is Ha Long most suitable? The answer is: anytime during the year, as long as you check the weather forecast before departure.

5. Affordable cost but luxury experience.

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Cost for a cruise on Ha Long Bay ranges from VND 1,800,000 to VND 2,800,000/person (~$85 – $140). Furthermore, the most expensive one can be up to VND 9,000,000/person (~ $400). Some companies launched tour with low prices but service is not guaranteed. So please remember “you get what you pay for”! If you want low cost, think about the bad service ahead. You want luxury? Be brave to spend your money on Halong Bay day tour with special itinerary for you!

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6. What’s other Halong Bay facts?

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  • There are nearly 2,000 high and dangerous rocky islands located on Ha Long Bay. Including two types: Limestone & Slate.
  • Less than half of these islands have been named. Especially, most of names are based on the shape of the islands.
  • Ha Long Bay translates to “Bay where the dragon landed”. According to legend, islands formed from jewels and jade fell from the dragon’s mouth. They were sent down to earth by the Gods.
  • UNESCO recognized Ha Long is one of 7 new Natural Wonders of the World in 1994 and 2000. It is also in this list in 2011.
  • Ha Long Bay is home of about 1,000 species of plants, fish, corals, mammals, reptiles, and birds.
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  • Most of the islands in Ha Long Bay cannot stay due to the steep terrain and its height.
  • Some limestone formations in Ha Long Bay are over 20 million years old.
  • It took more than 500 million years for the islands of Ha Long Bay to form under the seabed and rise above the water.
  • Ha Long Bay has about 20 limestone caves that have been discovered. But only a few of them are open for tourists to visit.
  • “Street Fighter IV” video game used image of Ha Long Bay as its background.

Finally, hope you will have a great journey to Ha Long and be able to explore some Halong Bay facts by yourself.

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