Ha Long Bay specialties – Ocean hidden treasure

Located in the west coast of Tonkin Gulf, in the Northeastern Vietnam. Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh is a famous place with thousands of magnificent islands. Therefore, this miraculous achievement of Creator was recognized many times by UNESCO. Moreover, Ha Long Bay also has advantage of delicious cuisine, which attracts thousands tourists from all around the World. In this article, let’s explore TOP Ha Long Bay specialties to see what will make you addict from the first time trying.

1. Grilled Chopped Squid (Chả mực) – First thing must buy of Ha Long Bay specialties.

Ha Long Bay specialties
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Topping the list of specialties in Ha Long Quang Ninh. Attracting special attention of visitors is a dish that has been included in the top 50 famous Vietnamese specialties. It also became one of the 10 most established dishes of Asia in 2013. It is Grilled Chopped Squid.

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Considered as a cultural beauty proud of the people here, Grilled Chopped Squid can be found at any restaurant in the city. It has aroma, color and characteristic flavor not mixed with anywhere. They serve this dish with stuffed pancake or used directly. However, the best is eating with white sticky rice. The aroma of new sticky rice blends with chewy and crispy squid creates an unique and extremely attractive flavor. This has left a deep impression on the guests. If you have enjoyed Grilled Chopped Squid, it will be hard to forget.

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2. Sa Sung (Peanut worm).

Ha Long Bay specialties
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Sa Sung is also known as land ginseng or sea worms. It is one of the rare seafood as the main raw material for processing into many attractive dishes such as deep fried for sweet and sour taste. Sa Sung extremely delicious and nutritious again. People often use them to make food or medicine. In particular, Sa Sung is the best for stir garlic, cook porridge … to create a special dish, bringing the natural sweet flavor from the sea.

3. Horseshoe crab.

Ha Long Bay specialties
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Ha Long Bay specialties that GoAsiaDayTrip would like to suggest you should try is from sea. As a species of crab family, Horseshoe crab is into a variety of dishes such as steamed crab, stir-fried crab vermicelli, salad, … Specifically, you could not find anywhere else like the aromatic, delicious and chewy taste like this in Ha Long coastal city. Therefore, I have to try Ha Long seafood, especially ordering it to feel all the special flavor of this coastal dish. Enjoying salty scent of the sea breeze, enjoying the fresh and delicious seafood. Nothing else is right.

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4. Corrugate lucine – Special thing of Ha Long bay specialties.

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At first glance, you can think this dish has no interesting but this is a very popular specialty of Ha Long Bay. Having the same shape as scallop, but the sweet and fatty meat is more nutritious. They use them for processing into many different delicious dishes such as steaming, grilling, stir-frying or porridge, … Especially, the Corrugate lucine wine is a favorite beverage of every man. With a spicy and aromatic flavor, it has its own scent of the sea. But when you enjoy it, everyone must admire your taste.

5. Nodding cake (Bánh gật gù).

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It is no coincidence that the nodding cake has been included in the list of specialties of Ha Long Bay. In detail, coated on autoclave and rolled up like rolls cake, nodding cake has a flavor like noodle but are softer, tougher. To feel the soft taste of the cake, the rich aroma of meat, you should enjoy the nodding cake with sweet and sour sauce with a bit of minced meat, chicken fat, chili and a little onion. You can not say your trip to Ha Long Bay is complete without trying this cake.

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6. Nem chua, Nem chao.

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Although it is just a rustic dish, simple but Nem chua, Nem chao of Quang Yen town are always loved by domestic and foreign tourists because of the special flavor that the dish brings. Including sliced pig skin, mixed with crushed roasted peanuts, powdered grilled rice and fig leaves topped with fish sauce. They bring a strange and delicious culinary experience that is extremely attractive

In conclusion, that’s all what we want to introduce you about Ha Long Bay specialties. Hope you will have chance to try all of them to have the most fulfill journey!

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