Grilled Fish: Exclusive Food In Tours Around Hanoi

Tours around Hanoi are addictive and attractive to many many tourists. What can you expect for a day in the capital of Vietnam? Wonderful landscape, friendly people and cozy environment are perfect things for you. But exclusive food in Hanoi tour can also blow your mind, too. You shouldn’t miss this unique grilled fish in the article below:

Hanoi cuisine has long been very popular with foreigners and reaching out to many countries around the world. Typically, such delicious dishes as pho, bun cha, fried spring rolls … but any foreign tourists who want to join in tours around Hanoi. Just recently, an American cable TV channel – CNN introduced La Vong grilled fish to the world as a new dish in Hanoi that certainly wonders why the special dish is so special that they have little attention.

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 Grilled Fish in tours around Hanoi
Grilled Fish in tours around Hanoi (Internet)

What to know about La Vong Grilled Fish in tours around Hanoi?

La Vong grilled fish is one of the oldest restaurants in Hanoi and is the first restaurant on the street named Cha Ca, from more than a century ago.

Returning to the 130-year history of Hanoi grilled fish CNN recorded this dish invented by a Doan family. And fish cakes are dishes specially served for the army during the French colonial period. Gradually because this dish is increasingly popular, everyone encourages this family to open a fish ball restaurant. And that restaurant is La Vong grilled fish today.

Grilled Fish in tours around Hanoi
Grilled Fish in tours around Hanoi (Internet)

Not too high or expensive, but delicate and skillful processing has created grilled fish “brand” still exist. It sticks with the people of Trang An from generation to generation. A dish that Hanoi people are always proud to bring to the far away. As Vu Bang once wrote: “So many people in remote provinces come to Hanoi to play on the winter season, they cannot ignore grilled fish. It is the special taste that the places do not have.”

Let’s enjoy Hanoi grilled fish!

First, the dining table will be furnished with a variety of dishes. They can be a part of vermicelli, herbs, roasted peanuts, lemon chili, shrimp paste. In the center of the table, a furnace to put the pan of fish on top to boil and simmer. When the fried fish pan is hot enough, diners will mix with herbs, dill and onion. Then they pick they up a hot bowl with fresh vermicelli. To taste better, it will add shrimp sauce, lemon chilli, and roasted. Many visitors coming to tours around Hanoi fall in love with this traditional food.

You may consider how you can enjoy this dish.

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Along the busy road of Cha Ca, there are dozens of different grilled fishes, competing to make this dish more and more diverse and rich in flavor. Perhaps it is because of concentrating too many fish cakes on a street like this, people have taken dish as street names. It is also a special stop for tourists when coming to Vietnam, especially in tours around Hanoi. Do you want to try to make this incredible dish in a Hanoi Cooking Class?

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