GO Asia – hit the worldwide explosion – Pokemon GO!

GOAsia to get Pokemon! Pokemon GO is now storming around the world, in all ages. It launched to partly help people get more happiness when they go out. It’s also a good chance to reach untouched corners of the house or streets which they live … Go with us, you get memorable things! That is also a message GoAsiaDayTrip leading to. Before you glue to the screen and find by any way the cute cartoon characters of our childhood, take some tips and something special from our team now:

  1. Pokemon awaiting at attractions


Pokemon GOThere is an obvious point that creators of the game tend to set more pokemon in tourist attractions or famous destinations in the world. Because they are crowded places that many people go around during the day, the opportunity to catch one will be higher than any other points. Central Park in New York city is a typical example when hundreds of people gathered and make efforts for their own collection. In South East Asia, where you can grab one. More you go, be easier to get one:

unofficial-map-pokemon-go (1)

Vietnam – Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi), Cathedral church (Ho Chi Minh city), Hoi An Ancient town

Korea – Seopjikoji (Jeju Island), Hyeopjae beach (Jeju island), N Seoul Tower…

Cambodia – Angkor Wat (Siem Reap), Phnom Penh

China – The Great Wall (Beijing), Forbidden city (Beijing), The Terracotta Army in Xi’an,

Laos – Luang Brabang, Pakse

Thailand – Royal Palace (Bangkok), Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui

Philippines – Manila, Magellan Cross (Cebu), Chocolate Hills (Bohol)…

Malaysia – Kota Kinabalu range (Sabah)

  1. Available wifi, 3g. Full charge


Network on 24/7. You need wifi or 3g to play this game.

This game also ask much players’ patiences. This means you have the phone screen on constantly and full charge your smartphone.

  1. Shop for yourself good shoes


Mind your step! It seems to be difficult when your eyes are glued to the screen and not notice what’s ahead. There may be puddle or mud, or something similar awaiting. An advice for you is that buy a pair of shoes tightly. It will make sure you can stand in all situations without any injury.

  1. Pokemon GO TAXI launched

pokemon go taxi

It’s funny but the truth is that there is a taxi service to take you around the city hunting for a Pokemon. This service will transfer you around for a period of about 1 hour. Is it too expensive for a virtual Pokemon collection? No, it’s deserved. Very humorous, right? Perhaps we should also turn our transfer services to service of support gamers Pokemon Go. Who knows, you may catch one right in our cars.

  1. Try to learn by heart list of Pokemon’s anime


It’s time to show how many Pokemon characters you know when they admire your collection.

  1. Cannot play, sit down to eat

There is a cafe store in Singapore will make you surprised. Because all the items in the store relate to the most well-loved character in Pokemon. Pika Pika .. That’s Pikachu.

pokemon pikachu

Address: This Pokémon Comes straight after Pompompurin Café at Orchard Central Cafe Orchid Garden and Hello Kitty at Changi Airport T3. There, you can find on any food shaped pikachu: drink, rice plate … so cute like this:

  1. Pikachu Parade

pikachu aeon mall

With Japan’s Aeon mall presence in cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, this mall has launched the parade of pikachu and they are very lovely to take photos with. After watching this special performance, you can happily enjoy the typical dishes of the Japanese as sushi, ice cream… around stores

~ GoAsiaDayTrip team ~

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