Foods and drinks to avoid before flying

At 10,000m above ground level along with pressure changes may make you uncomfortable and tired. Therefore, what to eat before flights is the key for a relaxing flight. Here, I’m going to present to you 8 kinds of foods and drinks to avoid before flying. Now, let’s see what they are! 

What should you avoid before boarding a plane? 

  1. Tea and coffee

Save it to the list of foods and drinks to avoid before any flight
Save it to the list of foods and drinks to avoid before any flight

The No.1 thing to avoid before flying is tea and coffee. Overnight and early morning flights are hard on all of us, for sure. Sometimes, people often resort to café or a warm cup of tea as a saving grace to feel refreshed during hours in the air. However, this doesn’t always sound like a good idea because tea and coffee have a high amount of stimulants and they can make you belch, irritate your bladder and result in an unpleasant and tiring flight. 

  1. Alcohol


For some people, downing a few cocktails or indulging at the airport bar is a great help for their fear of flying. However, alcohol can have a dehydrating effect while air plane flights already leave you dehydrated. So, drinking alcohol will set yourself up for a double dehydration. 

  1. Hot peppers

Hot peppers

Another food you should avoid before flying is hot peppers. Besides leaving you with bad breath, spicy food can cause stomach discomfort and bladder irritation. So, save the spicy treats later if you don’t want to deal with these things during your flights. 

  1. Apple

That's surprised? But true. Please put this tasty fruit into list of foods and drinks to avoid
That’s surprised? But true. Please put this tasty fruit into list of foods and drinks to avoid

Why apple is avoided before boarding a plane? Like orange juice, apple is very acidic and likely to cause heartburn. Thus, apple isn’t an easy food to digest on a plane, either. 

  1. Cauliflower


This kind of vegetables may be very good for your health but, really, never think to eat them before getting on a plane. This is because cauliflower can make your body heavy and make your digestive tract unpleasant.  

  1. All kinds of beans

All kinds of bean

Like cauliflower, all beans are healthy but eating too much before flights is not good. Too much beans can certainly create excess gas inside your digestive tract, resulting the feeling of too full in your stomach during your long flight. 

  1. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks

When the fizzy drinks go into your stomach, they will dilate in a different pressure environment. 

So, remember to avoid fizzy drinks like coke before every flight because they may cause continuous belching.  

  1. Fast food

Fast food

Appealing fast food stores are everywhere at all airports, attracting a large number of customers. However, fast food normally contains oils and fats. According to the medical community, our body cannot do so well digesting foods laden with saturated fats in the first place. Especially, foods high in trans fats and salt like French fries can lead to fluid retention which can cause your feet to swell. And digestion at 35,000 feet proves even harder. Hence, it’s a common sense to avoid this nightmare before flying. 

Here come 8 kinds of foods and drinks to avoid before flying. Hope you can remember all of them and have a good flight ahead! 

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