Filipino special foods must eat in life

Filipino special foods is considered as one of the must-eat dishes when travelling to Southeast Asia. What made they so special? Let’s see some typical dishes to know the reason!


Filipino special foods

In Philippines, tuna is a must eat dish. This Filipino special food is loved by not only tourists but also local people.

Recipes are simple but the taste is not impeccable. There are many ways of preparing dishes such as grilling, cooking soup but the most common is fresh tuna which is simply prepared clean, thin sliced ​​and eaten raw with mustard.

Noodles Mami

Filipino special foods

If Vietnam is famous for Pho then Philippines is well known for noodles Mami. This attractive food originates from from China, but with the creativity, Filipinos made it as one of the most popular specialities.

Mami is made from the best wheat flour, water cooked with bones, combined with spices and meat. This is a affordable but delicious food to eat whenever coming to Philippines. Mami can be found at any restaurant, food stalls. Trying Mami with mandu, you will be surprised.


Filipino special foods

Adobo simple to book but one of Filipino special foods. It is is made of chicken or pork spiced with sauce in several hours, them stewed in the mixture of vinegar, bay leaf, black pepper and some other traditional spices. It is usually eaten with rice and some fresh vegetables.

Adobo is one of the most popular gourmet cuisine in Philippines, you can find it in everywhere.

Halo Halo

Filipino special foods

Halo Halo is the name of one of the typical snacks when visiting Philippine. It is similar to Vietnamese fruit beams or Korean bingsu but having more materials. In one cup Halo Halo including jackfruit, sapodilla, papaya, banana; beans like red beans, green beans, white beans and yam, purple yam; combined with cornflour, grain flour, cream flan, ice, condensed milk … you will be completely satisfied.

Taho tofu

Filipino special foods

You should also try this dish and compare to Vietnamese and Chinese tofu to see the difference of Filipino special foods. According to many tourists, caramel or vanilla pearl tofu are the most delicious. It’s a good idea to come to Jorge Bocobo streets to enjoy the best Taho in Philippines.

Kamaro, dishes from insects

Filipino special foods

These are the crickets which are cooked by cooks in Pampanga. Legs and wings are cleaned then boiled over garlic water then frying with cooking oil and tomato, onion. The taste of this dish is very unique and attractive for tourists so much.

Adobo is a dish originating from Mexico, but the Filipino people have variations by cooking meat with vinegar, salt, garlic, chili sauce, soy and other seasonings. This is a popular Filipino dishes, but also families in their menu. This dish is usually served with white rice, attracting many tourists to Philippines.

Grilled banana

Filipino special foods

If you’ve come to the Philippines once, you will surely remember the tast of sweet and caramel sweetness of baked banana. This dish is considered “home-grown” by the Philippines and a Filipino street food which makes foreigners interest.


Filipino special foods

The main material of this dish is pork fat, but made very special. After slicing the pieces of fat, the chef will be marinated with salt and spices and fried in grease boiling pan. This dish is usually eaten with pickled green papaya soaked with pepper. Fatty taste and the aroma makes food attractive to tourists. This is also a Filipino dishes you can easily find on the streets of Manila.

Grilled chicken Isaw

Filipino special foods

The unique in making process makes grilled chicken Isaw complete. From these strips chicken gizzards, chicken feet, wings, head are cleaned grilled on skewers over hot coals. You can enjoy with soy and vinegar,.

Arroz caldo porridge

Filipino special foods

Cooked with chicken and ginger, Arroz caldo porridge is loved by the Filipino. You can come across shops selling this soup all over the sidewalks of this country.


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