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Coffee has become the morning habit of people all around the world for centuries and nothing can be compared to a cup of local coffee everywhere you travel. You will see coffee is not the same in different parts of the world, the taste is different and so is the preparation. If you have chance to put your steps on all around Southeast Asia countries, then don’t miss the chance to try out its particular Southeast Asia coffee. Let’s see what we have here to recommend!

  1. Drip coffee of Vietnam

You can see this coffee in any cafe' in Vietnam
You can see this coffee in any cafe’ in Vietnam

Coffee is first introduced to Vietnam by French colonists in XIX century then it quickly brings this country the No. 2 rank among all coffee exporters worldwide. Vietnamese love strong and flavorful coffee, which is a particular taste of drip coffee or “cà phê sữa đá”. Drip coffee is prepared in a drip filter (“phin” in Vietnamese). Coffee bean flour is compressed down with a thin lid, hot water is then added and each hot black hot coffee drop is filter through the beans. Black drip coffee is often mixed with condensed milk which is a common ingredient in many kinds of Southeast Asia coffee. Enjoying a cup of this demands you on patience. You may be better to talk and chat with others while waiting for your coffee, drop by drop.

  1. Egg coffee of Vietnam – The most unique Southeast Asia coffee

This is the unique Southeast Asia coffee that you just can find in Vietnam (most famous in Hanoi)
This is the unique Southeast Asia coffee that you just can find in Vietnam (most famous in Hanoi)

Egg coffee is the coffee queen of Vietnam and it is well-known to almost all tourists preparing to take a trip to the capital of Hanoi. Egg coffee is a combination of egg yolk, sugar and condensed milk. This special Southeast Asia coffee was first invented by a former bartender of Sofitel Metropole Hotel and it soon got its deserved fame all around the world. In Hanoi, there are two café serving the original egg coffee. The famous one is Café Giang (39 Nguyen Huu Huan Str) and the other is Café Dinh (Dinh Tien Hoang Str, view to Hoan Kiem Lake). Owners of these two café are son and daughter respectively of the inventor. There’re cold (with ice) and hot egg coffee. The hot one is sweeter than cold. Price: 25,000 VND per cup.

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  1. Iced coffee of Thai

Tasty iced coffee is great drink in summer
Tasty iced coffee is great drink in summer

Thailand has been long famous for their tasty iced milk tea but iced coffee is known to foreigners just recently. However, this refreshing Southeast Asia coffee is getting more and more interest from both locals and visitors. This drink is also called Oliang or Oleang in Thailand. Coffee will go along with main ingredients include condensed milk, soybeans, evaporated milk, corned and sesame seeds, etc.

  1. White coffee of Malaysia

White coffee of Malaysia

White coffee may be considered as the staple drink for Malaysians and it is now one of the best coffee in the world. Malaysian white coffee first originated from the Ipoh Old Town of Malaysia. The traditional Malaysian coffee is a mix of roasted beans, sugar, margarine and wheat. White coffee, however, is made from only margarine, without any sugar, which results in something less black.

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  1. Sumatra Coffee

Starbuck sumatra coffee
Starbuck sumatra coffee

Sumatra is among the biggest coffee producers in the world and one of the must-try Southeast Asia coffee. The traditional processing method retains a higher level of moisture in coffee beans and gives them stronger aroma.

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