Ethnic Groups in Sapa: Hightlights In Your Journey

Sapa is a beautiful land not only because of the landscape but also by the convergence of many ethnic groups living together. Coming here on the market day or simply a day in the village, you will surely be able to enjoy all the colorful dresses of the Black Hmong, Dao Do, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho ethnic groups. Each ethnic group is a difference in clothing, lifestyle, customs, farming methods, with distinct, rich and mysterious cultural identities. These ethnic groups in Sapa are surely highlights in your journey to the poetic town.

1. H’mong people:

The H’mong people are the largest ethnic group in Sapa, accounting for about 53% of the population. In the past, they were very good rice farmers, living along the Yangtze River (China), in a conflict with the Han ethnic group, most of them migrated south and divided into small groups. The first H’Mong ethnic groups to Sapa were concentrated mainly in the Hoang Lien range from about 300 years ago.

The H’Mong who live mainly in Sa Pa are Black H’Mong because their clothes are all black but their clothes are different from the Black Hmong elsewhere. In Sa Pa, the H’mong village is the largest one, and mainly live in Cat Cat Village – a highlight of Sapa. At that point visitors can directly see their daily activities, enjoy the triumphant, chicken soup, corn wine, clones of bamboo shoots, corn cakes and unique peanuts.

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hmong - ethnic groups in Sapa
Hmong people – Internet photo

2. Red Dao people – Ethnic groups in Sapa:

The Red Dao is the second largest population ethnic group in Sapa. Also originating from Yunnan – China, the Red Dzao is a small part of the Dao ethnic group who immigrated to Vietnam from the thirteenth century to the 40s of the last century. They live mostly in Ta Phin, Nam Cang, Thanh Kim, Suoi Thau and Trung Chai communes.

If the H’Mong people often choose high mountain places to live, the Dao choose the valley or halfway up the mountain to cultivate maize, grow rice and cardamom. They live in Ta Phin village, a small village of Dao and H’Mong people, about 12 km from Sapa town.

Red Dao people - ethnic groups in Sapa

Red Dao people – ethnic groups in Sapa
(Photo: Internet)

3. Tay people:

After the H’Mong and Dao ethnic groups, the Tay are the third most populous ethnic group in Sapa. The Tay’s traditional costumes are quite simple, the only color is a dark indigo color (dark blue).
In Sapa, tourists who like exploring the lifestyle of the Tay people can visit Ho Village about 15 km from Sapa or Ban Den from Sapa about 18 km. This mountain road is difficult to go but the scenery is extremely raw. profile. Guests will sleep on stilts, eat fish from streams, enjoy pork “with armpit”, roast chicken, practice making brocade with ethnic people and enjoy the traditional dances performed by Tay girls. You will understand why people love Sapa at the first sight with its top Sapa attractions.

Tay people - ethnic groups in Sapa

Tay people – ethnic groups in Sapa
(Photo: Internet)

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4. Giay people – Ethnic groups in Sapa:

Giay ethnic group is a branch of the Tay – Thai ethnic group, living mainly in the northernmost mountainous areas. The total number of Giay people in Vietnam is only over 25,000 with 2% of these concentrated in villages around Ta Van and Lao Chai valleys of Sapa. In the village, people help each other in the way of changing labor on busy days like transplanting, harvest season. Harvesting in the dry season so people pile up right in the fields, then bring them home. In addition, people also raise chickens, ducks and buffaloes.

The Giay costume is simpler than other ethnic groups, with little embroidery and only colored bands around the neck and skirt. The Giay people in Sapa make soil houses, wooden walls, mezzanines with worship spaces in the middle and a reception place.

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Giay people - ethnic groups in Sapa

Giay people – ethnic groups in Sapa
(Photo: Internet)

5. Xa Pho people:

Xa Pho belongs to the Phu La ethnic group and the national population is only nearly 4,000. Only a few people of Xa Pho live in villages in Nam Sai commune, located in the southernmost part of Sapa district. This is a remote place, far from motorways, so it is difficult to travel and often do not interact with others. Xa Pho people often cultivate on upland fields and exchange jobs with each other in the season of very cordial solidarity. Xa Pho people build houses on stilts, next to there are small sheds for storing rice. In addition to raising livestock and poultry, they are very good at growing cotton and weaving bamboo and rattan.

Xa Pho people

Xa Pho people – ethnic groups in Sapa
(Photo: Internet)

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