Drinks in bar – What do you often take?

Drinks in bar – What do you often take?


Bars, clubs and pubs are those attractive nightspots drawing a huge attention of many tourists who wish to experience the true ambience of nightlife. So when heading to those to-drink places with various brews to choose from, which drinks you should taste to fulfill your bar experience? In this article, we would like to suggest you the tops drinks in bar you should really try out.

drinks in bar
Drinks in bar

What to drink in bar depends on personal preference and taste. For many, bar is their favorite place to release stress, to hang out with friends, to meet new friends and even to show off themselves. With those purposes, spending a night in the bar doesn’t mean that you have to be so drunk that you aren’t able to get home by yourselves. Let take a look at the most recommended drinks to live it up with bar experience.


           1. Cocktail:

drinks in bar
Cuba Mojito

Cocktail seems to be the most popular drinks in bar of many people. Many may consider cocktail something for women due to its low alcohol element. It is not true though. Cocktails vary largely in taste showing the skillfulness of bartenders and require an enough strong taste to differentiate them and savvy the deliciousness of that drink. It doesn’t mean that a man is not strong enough when he orders a glass of cocktail. The thing that matters here is how delicate your taste is to know what is good or not. So don’t hesitate to call for a glass of cocktail when in bars.

drinks in bar
A glass of frozen Margarita

For those who are addicted to the ear-catchy melodies of the EDM song Are you with me? by the world famous DJ – Lost Frequencies, you may have heard the name of Margarita in this song. This is a very unique cocktail in Mexico which allures many people and is one of the must-try cocktails when in bars. Or you can order another tasteful cocktail of Cuba – Mojito. Enjoying those delicious drinks while immersing yourselves into the attracting melody will totally make your nightlife experience to a new height.


For those who are barflies, or for those who wish to try something more alcoholic, here are top 4 types leading the list of drinks in bar suggested by the youth:

            2. Vodka:

Vodka is one type of spirit and is divided into 2 main kinds. One is clear vodka and the other is flavored vodka. Vodka is strong drink made from fermented potatoes or cereals. To boost the flavor, brewer can add citrus, orange or lemon into it. A good vodka gives you a smooth sip and pungent aroma.

drinks in bar
Vodka with lemon

Take a small sip each and slowly enjoy the great taste it brings in your mouth then expands to other parts of your body. Note that, adding some water into a glass of vodka dilute it will help bring you greater and more elegant taste. Besides, the bartenders can use some kinds of fruit juice to dilute vodka like lychee juice for Belv Vodka or grapes juice for Ciroc.


           3. Whiskey:

With the essence of a long distill process, whiskey deserves a unique tasting style. For many they want to enjoy a glass of whiskey with some coke, enjoy it with some ginger wine or put some ice cubes into it. But the best way to enjoy truly the gorgeous taste of whiskey is to try the original whiskey without frills.

drinks in bar
Whiskey on the rocks

The ice-on-rock glass is the most suitable style to serve whiskey. Because it is very convenient for you to both enjoy the great taste of whiskey while feeling such delicate scent of the drink. For starters, 50 ml of whiskey for the first try is highly recommended for you.


           4. Cognac:

Cognac is another kind of spirit made of fermented grapes. Cognac is a perfect drink if you wish to taste all of its ingredients.

drinks in bar
Cognac on the rocks

People often enjoy it with some soda or sparkling water of Perrier and some ice cubes. You can come across this style of tasting cognac in many places. French people enjoy cognac in “à l’eau” style while British people usually drink cognac with coca-cola. If you wish to savor the original taste of cognac, just follow on the rock style – put some ice cubes into your glass and cheers! On-the-rock-style should only be applied for VS, VSOP or Napoleon. For XO or Extra, you shouldn’t use this style because this will affect the taste of them.

When bringing a glass of cognac closer to your nose, you will soon feel its typical aroma. You will then gradually see the density and clarity of cognac and the scent will become stronger. When slowly tasting it, you can soon recognize the uniqueness of cognac apart from the others. Cognac is served in balloon glass with the sufficient amount so when you put a balloon glass of cognac horizontally, the liquid cannot be flown out.


           5. Champagne:

Champagne is a popular drink to celebrate important events. Thanks to its numerous sparkling balloons when pouring from the bottle along with small explosive sound it brings. Champagne recently has become a popular drink in many bars in Vietnam. It is an easy-to-drink brew, but you still can get drunk if you drink it too much.

drinks in bar

To enjoy the best taste, Champagne should be kept cool in 7 – 10 degrees Celsius. Champagne is served in different types of glass like flute, tulip glass, wide tulip glass or coupe glass depending on the various purposes. For more interesting information about how to choose proper types of glass for serving champagne, take a look at this article.

drinks in bar

Remember that, bars and drinks are not all about to show off how cool you are. This inducing place plays a role as melting point to hang out with friends, to dance the night away, to help release stress or simply a place to host your night visit. Note that, if you just want to experience the bar vibe, trying those drinks is not a big deal. But if you are barflies, you may make friend with other drinks, because the price for those drinks doesn’t cost you that small. We hope that, you will find something useful in this article. Now, are you ready to boost your night vibe?

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